Microsoft Announces 4 Million Windows 8 Upgrades

At BUILD keynote event today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that 4 million Windows 8 upgraded were sold in the last 4 days. Also he said that laptop sales increased 20% ahead of their estimates. The 4 million number does not include “tens of millions” sold to its OEM partners. Also  the enthusiasm around Windows 8 is “very high” according to Steve.


  • Ben

    i’m one of them. And am enjoying the new platform :)

  • Sathish Kumar


  • Márton

    I’m just wondering. Does my PayPal upgrade also part of this 4 million? Because I am still waiting for my windows 8 product key. Steve Ballmer should make sure that their customers are getting what they are paying for instead of these announcements.

    • Márton

      I “bought” the upgrade 4 days ago, and I am not the only one, who hasn’t got anything from Microsoft (not counting my 40 Euroes, which they accepted at the moment I pushed the button).

      • rsgx

        Did you use the upgrade assistant?

        • Márton

          Yes, and It frozen all over, after the successful money transfer. As I said, I am not the only one. There are tons of people on different sites with the samle problem. Microsoft tech support’s only answer is that they don’t know and I should wait.

          • rsgx

            That’s a shame. Their support is absolutely terrible IME.

  • JoshC

    Still waiting for my physical disk to arrive from amazon, can’t wait.

  • Rasool Shaik

    I have upgraded it too. Most people say its just for touch devices but what i am experiencing on my 2 year old Lenovo Laptop is just awesome.

    • rsgx

      The ‘touch only’ thing is nonsense.

      Had Win 8 on my desktop with a 27″ screen since Friday night, it is just amazing.

      Have you guys seen the voice recognition? You can pretty much do anything in Win 8 with just your voice now.

      • ErikPienknagura

        Speech Recognition?

        • rsgx

          Yeah, actually works pretty well.

  • nors

    I’m certainly enjoying my Surface RT! App selection still isn’t the best, but I’m willing to be patient. I used it for the first time at work today to take notes in a meeting with the touch cover and it was great!

    • John

      Oh I want one and your post just made me feel really sad that I have to wait few more months for Pro but it worth waiting I guess.
      Enjoy Your Surface RT!

    • Ahmad Waleed

      did it impress the sorroundings? thats what will matter.

    • blackhawk556

      are you having any issues loading music from sd card? Mine only recognizes 20 albums out of 10gb.

  • Paris

    Even though I have been using W8 on several computers since their first availability in pre-release I have completed the installation of W8P without issues…hardware or software. All sys r purring along wonderfully.

  • Ahmad Waleed

    now that should worry apple and google

  • David

    I bought 4 copies in that last 4 days. That means everyday I bought 1 copy in each of those 4 days.
    And I have to say first I was not sure about not having Media Center or using Modern (Metro) style UI with mouse and keayboard but the more I used it the more I liked it.
    Still I like to have my Start button back but I have to say performance, speed, and simplicity of OS is Amazing.
    Oh and IE10 rocks!

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      but did you get the free Media Center right? i mean it sounded like you might not have it.

      • David

        Yes I got it for free actually for all 4 computers but to be honest after using Windows 8 for a while I don’t think I really need Media Center anymore. But yes I got it for free anyway. :)

  • Wil Santiago

    Same here loving my Lenovo Yoga Windows 8 Ultrabook

  • Beezer

    Two machines upgraded here and so happy. The third is coming up this weekend.

  • xma1e

    I upgraded all my desktops and nothing happens when I touch the screen, I still have to use my mouse!

  • just

    I upgraded four desktop and loving it. :-)