Microsoft announces 5 million connected Live Mesh devices


Dharmesh Mehta, the director of Windows Live Product Management, has announced that Windows Live Mesh has reached the 5 millionth connected device milestone.

He notes the service now has over 3 million users and have synced 2.2 petabytes to the cloud.

Live Mesh has had a chequered history, being one of the first cloud syncing P2P solutions, but being hampered by low online storage and lack of multi-platform clients, particularly mobile. The original ambition saw the service being widely available not just on PC’s, but also printers and picture frames and mobile devices. This ambition has never come to fruition however.

The service was folded into the Live Sync umbrella but never properly integrated, and support for Windows Mobile was discontinued last year, and of course the service has no role in Windows phone 7 at all.

At present Live Mesh is being overshadowed by Dropbox, while offering much of the same features. It is certainly good to hear that it is still seeing adoption, but it could have been so much more, and we hope Microsoft will at some point integrate the service properly in its offering and bring back some of the vision originally displayed when it was announced some years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Dropbox more like Skydrive?

    • MVIM

      Sort of. But with Dropbox they give you something like 1GB of space, then if you invite 5 friends you get another 1GB, then if you tweet about Dropbox and follow @dropbox you get another 2GB, then if you do 100 sit-ups in 2 minutes you get another 1GB. It’s all about turning you into an advertiser for Dropbox.

      SkyDrive is better. It integrates Office Web Apps, which let you view and edit Office files on any computer (even if you don’t own Office). It also gives you 25GB of space, no promotion required.

      • alex

        I laughed my tits off when I read the sit-ups part !

  • EJ

    MSFT is full sacrifices.. I dont trust this guys

  • bernard

    Yay cloud.