Microsoft Announces 6 Months Of Free Office 365 University For US Students


Microsoft today revealed their new promotional offer for Office 365 University for US students. With this new offer, students will be able to get upto 6 months of  Office 365 University through simple steps. Microsoft is also bundling SkyDrive with the new Office to promote the service.

Here’s what you get:
– 3 free months of Office 365 University ( hare the offer on Facebook and get an extra 3 months free of Office.)
– An extra 20GB of SkyDrive storage

Find the offer here and make use of it.

  • Josh

    Just dropped to 3 months

  • grs_dev

    This is a boneheaded move.
    Make it free for the college kids and the give RT tablets to K-12.
    This is just pure dumb on the part of Microsoft.

  • Rikkirik Contrera

    Don’t forget that you are talking about Microsoft and not Google (thé Bonehead company). Google gives everything away for free or almost for free and ends up regretting having done that afterwards. Just look at Android (Microsoft is collecting licensing fees of every Android product sold in the world) and Google Doc’s (the free version for businesses, now businesses have to pay for it). You don’t earn anything by giving things away for free, because consumers and businesses only take the free ride and don’t upgrade to higher priced services. With Android Google is trying to build a high end phone to compete with SG3 and Iphone, because that’s where the profits are. Adds on Android mobile phones do not generate enough revenue, like desktop adds would. So Google is having problems monitizing mobile add revenues. Free means cheap and low profits. Just look at the difference in profits on mobile and mobile services between Apple and Google, case closed.

  • guest

    A week ago they said subscriptions were going great. Now they’re offering free 6 mths trials. Which is it?

  • DW

    This is a great move and likely to generate more ongoing use of Office. Students have a wider choice now around office-related products and so it makes sense to offer this – competition in action.