Microsoft announces 60 million Windows 8 licenses sold, “in line with Windows 7”

While Microsoft has never been very open about Windows Phone sales, they are quite happy to trumpet their Windows 8 achievements.

Tammi Reller, Chief Financial and Chief Marketing Officer for Windows announced that since the launch in late October of Windows 8 they have sold 60 million licenses to the OS.

The statement was made at the JP Morgan Tech Forum at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 8.

The figure includes "sell in to OEMs for new PCs" and upgrades, said Reller, also saying this was roughly in line with Windows 7 sales.

It is not clear how many of these licenses are actually in the hands of users, or are for OEM inventory or even downgrades to Windows 7.  Microsoft however expected to sell 500 million Windows 8 licenses by the end of 2013, which is guaranteed to create a gigantic market for developers

To underline that more that a few of these PCs are out there, Microsoft also announced that more than 100 million apps has been downloaded from the Windows 8 store, which translates to more than 2,500 downloads per app in the store.

Microsoft also said more than 1,700 systems were certified for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

"Windows 8 is a big, ambitious change," Reller acknowledged.


  • Rikkirik Contrera

    Gogo Micro, but not too soft.

    • SagetB


      With all do respect, yes while MS does own a 92% market, it is one that is facing long term stagnation, at best, which basic economic studies will educate the fact that this communicate a downward trajectory pressure on margins (proven by NPD: Average Sale Price for PC Y/Y gained only $2) . This is a result of a market is being eclipse by another that MS has little current position (Nelson: 2.4% in mobile) in which again means no traction to achieve historic revenue levels.

      It is why Microsoft is worried and succumbing to the fact Apple and Android is making significant roads into enterprise. ( ) Furthermore even the company understands it can not go exclusive in this market with previous products like Office for it is no longer in leadership position ( )

      So in this context it is worth noting that this 60 million figure includes what “sell-in to OEMs for new PCs,” meaning that many of these Windows 8
      units are sitting on as-yet-unsold PCs and serious questions of sell trough remains. Rudimentary as it is to do so, go ahead a delude yourself, thank goodness Microsoft is no longer doing the same…but is it to late is the only remaining question left in an intelligent mind.

  • halamadriiid

    Amazing achievment, q4 2013 same numbers for wp8

  • XB_Mod

    Actually 60 mio. is quite a disappointment.

    The entire idea of Windows 8 is because they want a much bigger market (tablets + PCs)…and for it just to be in line with Windows 7 is disappointing especially with Windows 8 basically being given away for free.

    On the other hand Vista had a bad reputation so people couldn’t wait to get rid of it while Windows 7 works like a charm so people are hesitant to upgrade this early…

    at the end of the day though 60 mio. isn’t really considered “good”…500 mio. until the end of 2013 doesn’t look realistic because they need to sell like 35-40 mio. copies a month, not happening.

    • Justin

      Yeah, I’d be disappointed selling 60 million units of anything. That’s only 1/6th the population of the US. Total bullshit.

      *roll eyes*

    • DigTheNoise

      Since they haven’t sold at least infinity + 1 units by now, they should just give up … just not worth the effort.

    • surur

      Thats only 110 million per quarter. They did 92 million in Q4 2011, and thats without Windows also being on tablets.

      • TrickyD

        Well windows isn’t really on tablets. You can’t go and play with one anywhere here in the UK. People won’t buy what they can’t see. Hardly Microsoft’s fault (excluding the lack of Surface distribution)

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      why dont you research a Little?…. Windows 8 is not given away for free, Windows 7 WAS the given away for free, when you got a Windows vista pc you got win7 for free, with Windows 8 you had to pay $15. there is not family pack which was essentially $50 each one…. Windows 8 is $10 cheaper… i dont know what are you talking about, but you should stop posting stuff you DONT KNOW.
      also there is still hardware to be made for Windows 8, touch pcs and tablets, even surface isnt out yet…..
      oh god… sometimes i wish people researched a Little, instead of talking crap.

      but of course 60 million its a dissapointment… yeah yeah sure, becausse you say it and you know everything /s

    • Rikkirik Contrera

      60 MILLION, even at say 20,- dollars a license is 1.2 billion $$$$. Considering the fact that availability of W8 PC and tablets was a problem untill now and that 2013 will be the year in which the sale of touch screen hybrid (all in one) PC’s will explode, it might be possible to reach the 500 MILLION mark sooner than you think. But think of it, with a customers base 1.5 BILLION windows users, to actually sell 500 MILLION licenses in one or even 2 years, would be utterly crazy. Furthermore, W8 will make more packaged deals (of W8 PC’s, tablets and mobile solutions) possible and very enticing for businesses and enterprises. The one platform philosophy for PC’s tablets and smartphones will give W8 sales a big BOOST in the enterprise market. So if you want to be gloomy abouit W8 licenses sales, go ahead. But facts are, licenses sales are doing just GREAT in contrary to what all those W8 badmouthers are predicting, Ballmer has been accurate in everything he said about W8 developments untill now.

  • Ammier

    500 million?…wow

  • koenshaku

    They will grow more in popularity once hybrids become more common. I am still waiting on the Surface pro or the Asus transformer book. I would have gotten an Acer W700 if it had a stylus or support for one.

  • guesttt999

    I believe this is a great start for Windows 8 given the strong market penetration of Windows 7 in PC market and iFads/Lagdroid in the tablet segment. Microsoft needs to get Nokia and HTC in the game ASAP to up the ante on Apple and Google. More fantastic tablets will surge the adoption of Windows 8 rapidly.

  • pepe

    500 million at the end 2013 means 35-40 million each month. This guys really believe in their product to declare that number publicly.

  • steveo99

    Those app download numbers are about right. I’m seeing those figures across my apps. However, ecpm is so low that it’s almost impossible to earn money from free apps, I just hope this doesn’t put off the developers. Microsoft really needs to attract the advertisers and thus the developers and apps to help it succeed.

  • tomakali

    the most ridiculous thing i ever heard is…
    Microsoft windows has “competition”
    LOL on that…