Microsoft Announces A New Program For Xbox LIVE Gold Members, Two Free Games Per Month


Microsoft today announced a new program for Xbox 360 users. People with Xbox LIVE Gold Members can now download two free games per month for free. For example, Halo 3, Assassins Creed 2, etc, are some of the titles that will be available for free to download.

  • Bugbog

    I don’t own an Xbox, but I endorse this announcement! 😀

    • RicardoDawkins

      I own one. Getting HALO 3 ASAP.

      • Localhorst86

        is it US only? when will the program start?

        • mansf

          No i just got fable 3 for free in the UK.. just change to Microsoft points when u pay

  • jvs

    Just received the notification to pre-order XBoxOne, $499.99.

  • Billy Henshaw

    Wow. What great games! Fable 3, Halo 3, AC 2. And it’ll only get better from here!!!

  • 123

    where can you download it?