Microsoft Announces Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Microsoft unveiled the Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, and new accessories at a press event in New York City today.  Among the new accessories was the successor to the Type Cover, the Type Cover 2 which includes a backlit keyboard and comes in new colors.

Perfect for life on the go—that’s the Arc Touch Mouse. Comfortable, elegant, and eye-catching, with an innovative design that allows for quick use and storage. Enjoy a clutter-free work experience with BlueTrack Technology and precision control.

Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition:

This special-edition Arc Touch Mouse has been updated to match the look of Surface. Like other Arc Touch mice, it is designed for comfort and flattens for portability. It connects via Bluetooth 3.0, freeing Surface’s USB port for use by other devices. Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition will have an estimated retail price of $69.99 and will be available for pre-order in the U.S. and Canada on Sept. 24. Distribution in additional markets is projected to begin in the coming months.

  • Jeff Hung

    Too bad I just bought a wedge touch mouse (also Surface version!) recently. I chose it over arc touch mouse because the latter didn’t have a Bluetooth version at the time.
    A wireless mouse using ad-hoc receiver dongle not only occupies an extra USB port, but also is environmental unfriendly — the dongle becomes useless as the mouse dies. However, I don’t think companies would stop making them as the installation is much easier than pairing Bluetooth ones.

    • bajanx

      Same here I bought the wedge because it was Bluetooth only to free up my USB.

  • Yuan Taizong

    As much as I love Micrososft hardware and appreciate its reliability, it has been really ugly since the past half-decade, and it’s only getting uglier, I know it’s all about ergonomics and this is supposudely healthier for your hands, but it feels unconfortable and looks silly. But its quality will still probably be unmatched.

  • Mad

    I tried MS touch mice. Overall they are much worse than Logitech Mouse MX Anywhere. No reason to buy whatsoever.

  • NegLewis

    The mouse as we know it is long dead since the first tablets were starting to be accessible to the mass market.

    THIS mouse must be a crossover between an Optical Mouse, a Touch Panel and a 3D Scanner (3D Gesture Recognition).

    Imagine standing in your chair with the mouse in the hand, and “exploring” Google Earth by rising your hand from the mouse a little bit and “pushing and touching” the “virtual earth”.

    What’s the name of that project … that little box that is a “3D gesture scanner” … something with “L…”
    THAT product should have been a Mouse.
    It would have killed… everything…

  • Heimen Stoffels

    Microsoft, hurry up and make this available in Europe please. Your US store doesn’t want to ship international and other sellers don’t want to ship it international either. Even when I offered to cover the full international shipping costs. But apparently, no one wants my money. Suckish 3rd parties.