Microsoft Announces Bing Rewards Mobile For iOS And Android, Windows Phone Support Coming Soon

Bing Rewards For Mobile


Microsoft today announced that they are expanding their Bing Rewards program to mobile in the US. Users can now start using Bing apps to earn rewards points. You can earn credits by searching every day and then redeem them for great rewards including gift cards from top brands such as, Xbox, Skype, Fandango, and Dominos or donate your credits to a local school or charity of your choice. It is a great way to earn some perks for searching the web which you will do anyway everyday.

How does it work?

Signing into Bing Rewards on your mobile phone using your Microsoft or Facebook account takes you to a new mobile optimized dashboard that has offers customized just for you. In addition to many of the offers you would find on your PC, there is a new exclusive mobile-only search offer that gives you an opportunity to earn additional credits on your phone.

Tracking your credits is simple on your phone: just go to your Bing Rewards dashboard or check out your credit balance at the bottom of every Bing search results page. Now whether you’re searching with Bing on a PC, tablet, or phone, it’s easy for you to get rewards.

This will available on iOS and Android devices starting today and coming soon to Windows Phone devices.

Read more about it here.



  • Sean D.

    Please tell me this will be built into the search WP has now, and not a stand alone “app”.

    • Ian Aldrighetti

      Yeah, hopefully. Though on your phone you can sign into your Microsoft account under Settings, maybe if you have logged in using one that is also signed up with the Rewards program will automatically get points.

  • RadiusK

    Okay great. Now bring it to Europe already :D.

  • grs_dev

    it’s about time

  • Jeff Hung

    They should have included Windows 8’s built-in search in Bing reward program. I rarely use it except searching for local files because I don’t want to lose my chance to accumulate Bing reward points.

  • cphelpsone

    I truly hate it when MS launches anything on Android and iPhone before Windows Phone.

    • grimo

      Its like betting against your self

  • redtidal

    So, the WP users are the step-children of Microsoft?

    • money_walker

      You can understand how broken Microsoft teams are. how much they hate each other. Too many politics eating up the company

  • LexicoRed

    Not only Microsoft prioritizing other OS, basically telling developers to do the same, but paying people to us Bing. It can not get worst!