Microsoft Announces Cloud OS Network To Promote Microsoft Cloud Platform


Microsoft today announced the Cloud OS Network, a worldwide group of more than 25 leading cloud service providers who will deliver hosted services built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, which includes Windows Server with Hyper-V, System Center and the Windows Azure Pack. Many of the members were already Microsoft partners, but Microsoft is now giving them a brand new name to better target customers.

The members of the Cloud OS Network are leading service providers who will offer hybrid services that give customers greater flexibility and choice. By making a substantial commitment to the Microsoft Cloud Platform, they are able to deliver tailored infrastructure and application services that meet diverse customer needs. Customers will have greater choice in customization, data sovereignty, security, privacy and service levels. For example, Cloud OS Network partner Outsourcery in the United Kingdom is driving an initiative to provide compliant cloud services for U.K. government agencies, as part of its O-Cloud Platform for small, medium and large enterprises.

Together, the Cloud OS Network partners operate in more than 90 countries, serve over 3 million customers every day and manage over 2.4 million servers in more than 425 datacenters. They are all leaders in their geographies and markets, and we are honored by their commitment to support the Cloud OS vision with hybrid solutions for our mutual customers.

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Source: Microsoft

  • Bugbog

    Looks like SkyDrive will now soon trans-morph into Microsoft Cloud! (or CloudDrive, M-Cloud, E-Cloud, Cloud 8, M-Drive, Indigo Drive, Cloud Indigo).

    • reKitab

      Is CloudDrive taken?

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      CloudX, Xcloud, Xdrive, driveX…lol

    • Nham Thien Duong

      i LIKE Those sughestions.