Microsoft Announces Lync-Guistic, Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Translator


Microsoft today announced the availability of Lync-Guistic addon for Microsoft Lync 2010. The new add-on will act as an Conversation Translator which allows people of different languages to communicate effectively in real time. Lync-Guistic makes use of Bing/Microsoft translator for its backend processing. The new service was developed by Microsoft Research (MSR) and the Microsoft Lync team. The service that launched on June 3 translates incoming and outgoing instant messages into 35 languages.

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  • Impartial

    The vision is getting closer

    • Eingoluq

      The translator touch surface wall in Microsoft’s 2019 Vision Video…..Yes, it is!

      • Impartial

        Exactly, metro, this, surface, kinect, NUIs, Nokia in-building navigation systems, etc… I think they will hit target and by then we will have something very close to what the video showed

  • Anonymous

    So is this for voice conversations or just text?

  • Anonymous

    I remmember a Donald Duck comic, where Dagobert had a gadget for real time translation – at that time it seemed impossible …

  • Anonymous

    great addition for Microsoft Lync server, especially for international businesses.