Microsoft Announces More Personal With Cortana Inputs

Microsoft Bing Homepage

In a blog post, Microsoft explained the technology behind Cortana, and other Microsoft products that is making use of a platform that combines Bing’s massive investments towards indexing the real world, with speech recognition, language and entity understanding, and stream processing that, taken together, make Bing more personal, helpful and intelligent.

Apart from Cortana, Microsoft is also planning to deliver a more Personal for users. In the coming days, we are unveiling a set of personalized cards on the Bing homepage that capture things that matter to you. You can also experience Cortana like personalized and helpful approach on

Bing Interests

Now Bing can automatically help you keep track of the interests you care about. Just tag a topic in your Bing settingsand we will do the rest. Tag things you care about, and start seeing personalized news, weather, flights, stocks with more to come – all as part of the search experience you already love.

These new homepage tiles are just the start of a new batch of personalization features that you’ll increasingly see across Microsoft devices and services. You can read more here.

Source: Bing

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I can’t wait for this new feature, the next step should be porting Cortana to Windows P.C.’s and the Xbox One (maybe even the Xbox 360), so far these new features look awesome, Bing = personal. 😀

  • neva

    I bet it will be US only for about 1 year.
    This announcements are all very nice but we are forgetting in most countries Bing is still Beta. If it’s taking so long to take the current features to everyone, it’ll take even more to take the new ones.
    The same goes for Cortana. I probably won’t get it in my phone in the next 2 years. And I’m being optimistic… It’s a hard language to get right but we could at least get it in English.
    The same goes for the Xbox. It’s only coming in September, right when the Summer Holidays end, instead of being released at June when they start. Meanwhile, thousands of PS4s have been sold since last year…
    Hope Mr. Nadella to be more world focused than Balmer was or MS is doomed.

    • Bugbog

      You can easily access Bing US if you want to utilize English

  • Marco

    Will be US only like Cortana for sure, we’ll not get all the functionalities in 1 year or 2. In the meanwhile Google Now and Siri will add new function as the core is available almost worldwide since months. Maybe in 1-2 years will also integrate better privacy controls.

    If we also think that WP has steady marketshare gains in the last 2 years, an app ecosystem being SLOWLY supported by developers… I see difficult times for Microsoft and the catch-up with Apple or Google seem pratically impossible. That’s sad but IMHO the market will remain in the hands of Google and Apple for lot of years.