Microsoft Announces New Modern Interface For Bing

Bing New

Along with the announcement about new logo, Microsoft also announced a new modern interface for the Bing search experience. Microsoft redesigned with a beautiful new, modern design focused on simplicity, speed and visual appeal to give people a better search experience regardless of the device customers will be using.

With this release we’ve created a modern experience – one that is faster, cleaner and more visually appealing. We believe that search can be beautiful as well as functional and efficient. With that as our goal, we evaluated fonts, spacing, color, visual scan patterns, the search box and even the underlying code.

Bing New homepage


Last year, Bing introduced Snapshot and Sidebar to improve the search experience with factual information and human perspective. In their new design, they have combined these two sources of knowledge to provide people with all the supporting context they’ll need for any given query.

This combined region ranks the key information and actions we know about any an entity, while bringing in friends and expert opinions about that same topic. For example, consider a search for “Highway 1”. Bing knows there are many possible things you might be looking for. Our new design displays both the factual data about this beautiful route (length, date, related places), and also the human perspective whether they be status updates, photos, tweets, check-in’s or expert opinions.

There are several other new features like Page Zero, a new function in Bing that helps a user get an answer or take an action before they even see the first results page, a new surface area at the top of the page called “Pole Position” for results where Bing have high confidence on a user’s intent. When Bing knows that someone wants images of a celebrity, is looking for a specific fact or needs a detailed view of the weather in a particular city, Bing will provide a much larger answer beautifully integrated at the top of the page.

Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Bing

  • MaelN

    We’re still waiting for the sidebar in France… :(

  • Yuan Taizong

    I’m trying it out now, ¡it’s awesome! 😀

  • Oliver

    Still no UK support? Such a shame.

    How do we try out the new look? Looks like like usual to me!

  • Tech_Reader

    Wake UP MS, we are all over the world, I mean the users who use Bing and promote and love your products. !!

    We also need your output to be shared with us, I am not getting the new interface in India..

    Why do I have to use a proxy server to see your products, grow up and see that you will have a bigger market outside of US, so share with us at the same time.

    • krayziehustler

      I’m sure it has something to do with legal. As if you haven’t noticed the amount of legal scrutiny the European Union gave Microsoft and no other company

      • Ruben Verbaan

        That can’t be it. The EU should welcome Bing as nothing else. Bing is the only serious challenger of that other company that dominates the market with their search engine. It is that company that is under scrutiny for its business practices (and I think rightly so).
        I agree with Tech_Reader that MS should not forget the rest of the world. Bing is no beta anymore. There is a lot of potential outside the US of A.

        • Mark Romanos

          The EU is remarkably bias against Microsoft, and its a good thing, it’s meant Microsoft has become one of the most ethical technology companies at least in their large products. Google is almost completely ignored.

          • Ruben Verbaan

            Agreed, that’s why I went Outlook, Bing and Windows Phone amongst others. I try to keep my dependance of Google at a minimum…

      • Tech_Reader

        I am a BIG and I mean big user and supporter or MS products in my work and personal usage, have been in their testers list for too long, so I know what I am saying, the assumption and wish of mine is based on the fact that even after a year and despite sufering around $900 milion write off on surface, they did not launch it here !!

        that is what makes me say this aloud and as for EU, I think they are too much conservative and too business unfriendly coz trhey just want to rebuke MS and get a name for themselves. !
        Its not that everything they do is fair and square.

      • Guest

        That argument might explain the shortcomings in Europe, at least partially, but not rest of world outside the US. The main issue here is focus and cost. Bing’s primary focus is the US, where Google’s share is actually lower than many other geographies. And that’s already costing them billions in losses with little to show for it. Properly focusing on other markets, where Google has closer to 95% share, would add to losses and is unlikely to be any more successful than the US has been, which is to say not very. Their game plan is pretty obvious: try to figure how to win in the US and then expand from there. I’m not saying I agree with it. But that’s what it is.

  • Jakub M

    no luck for Poland… hey it’s your business MS to bring it to other countries. So far US doesn’t give a sh** about Windows Phone. Yet all new features are for US. The same for desktop… We still have old bing… When will you change scope from local market to global market?

    • Bugbog

      You can get the features on both desktop and WP by going into the settings (top right-hand corner on desktop/select browser country on WP), go to worldwide, and select USA – Boom!

      • Jakub M

        I know that, but I’m living in Poland and I want search for polish region in polish language, not some sort of trickery. Should I pretend I’m from US? Hell I won’t. If MS wants to serve me theirs services, they should just do it. So far they don’t give a sh**

  • reKitab

    Most probably, US only:?

  • koenshaku

    I wonder if it supports voice search like the google counterpart now.

    • Mark Romanos

      Microsoft new voice guide (Codenamed Cortana) will be powered by Bing and provide a revolution in voice assist, not just something like Siri but one that follows you on all devices and assists with more than just retrieving information)

      • Guest

        Promises != products. MS’s record of delivering in this area is pretty poor. They’ve been investing massively in speech recognition and assistance since the mid 90’s. They even shelled out a bunch of money last decade to buy TellMe, which as the time was the industry leader. Yet both Apple and Google have beaten them badly with mobile speech recognition/assistance. Frankly, it’s pretty fucking embarrassing. So while I hope Cortana is the breakthrough they’re promising, I’ll believe it when I see it.