Microsoft Announces New Partner In China To Deliver Skype Experiences

After ending their previous partnership with TOM few months back, Microsoft today announced a new partner in China to deliver Skype experiences. Guangming Founder (GMF) will be now operating Skype for Microsoft in China from now on.

We are excited to share that an updated version of Skype is now available for users in China through a new relationship. Today, Skype and Guangming Founder (GMF) announced a strategic partnership to deliver Skype across multiple platforms, including PCs and mobile devices.

Skype has been at the forefront of changing the way people communicate and GMF is a strong partner with a deep and rich understanding of mobile technology. Our shared excitement about communications and vision for the future will pave the way for us to enrich real communications in China.

The beta period starts today, as we migrate users and update the Skype software in China. Users in China will receive guidance on how to upgrade. The new version of Skype will be available on Windows 8.1, Desktop Classic (Mac and Windows desktop versions), Android and iOS (Phone and Tablet versions) and coming soon to Windows Phone

Source: Skype blog

  • counterblow

    in other words, Microsoft now has state spying partner to deliver Skype calls and messages in China.
    Sorry Microsoft, you need to stop signing deals with the devil. Give China their own version of Skype but leave the rest of the world out of the communist spying machine!

    • Emi the Strange

      you know why is there no Google in china? because they didnt play with China rules. end.. stop talkng like if you knew about it, its not even too bad to live in China to be honest, maybe for ignorants it is… but Microsoft cant be in China if they dont play.
      also do you think “their own versión” would work? and how others would be able to connect to their family in china? last time i Heard of someone who was in korea, working like so much with no rest, and then the only way to comunícate with her daughter was through Skype couple minutes. so its fair they cant connect only because you have a tin foil hat? this wont even affect you so dont even know why you are so much about it.

  • Jim_MAY

    Great! Now the Chinese can listen in on everyone’s calls just like the NSA. You know that China would never allow their people to use this without having access to Skype’s interface. Microsoft had to bend over for this one.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      ¿So? it’s great to see a counterbalance to the American hegemony, we all know that both the Americans and Soviets have been doing these things from the 1970’s and maybe as early as the 1950’s (for fears of terrorism and criminality), now without the Soviets there is nothing in the way of Americans being the exclusive people listening in to your phonecalls.

      • Jim_MAY

        Oh, that’s right I remember surfing the web back in the ’70’s talking on the internet wondering what superpower was listening. Silly me! First of all there was no way to listen in on phone calls in the early ’70’s and especially the 50’s. Not unless the actual line was tapped you were wanting to listen in on. Lines were all analog, nothing was digital and definitely no VOIP. Where in a new age of communication where they can listen to everything and everybody.