Microsoft Announces New Re-designed Xbox 360

Xbox 360 New

Microsoft today announced that new re-designed Xbox 360 based on Xbox One design is going on sale now.

More details soon.

  • David

    It seems Microsoft want to keep selling Xbox 360 even after release of Xbox One.

    This at least 1 time connection to internet in every 24 hours is not gonna work for many people in different countries. I live in US and most probably there will be no issue but I can see it will be big issue for many in those countries that internet connection is not like US and believe me there are many countries like that.

    But I can see issues in Us too. For example if we go to one of these national parks (group of family) and want to take our Xbox One with us so at nights kids can play and if we stay for a week we can only play first 24 hours and after that we are screwed because there is no internet connection there and no offline gaming anymore! Someone at Microsoft needs to think about all this because many people easily not buy it because of this maybe once a year issue.

    strange move from Microsoft to go through all this redesign for Xbox 360 and keep selling it. But maybe issues like this is why They wanna keep selling Xbox 360?

    • ZappyKins

      They have stated they would like to sell about 25 million more Xbox 360s. This one is small, quieter, cost them less, and manufactured under a smaller process. So it probably produces less heat and uses less energy (speculation on my part.) They are clearly going to support the Xbox 360 for several more years.