Microsoft Announces Next Gen Surface Press Event On September 23rd In The US

Surface event

Microsoft today sent out invites to the press for the next generation Surface event. The event is scheduled on September 23rd in NYC, US.  Microsoft is expected to reveal next generation Surface RT, Surface Pro and new accessories at this event.  We have already reported about most of these devices in the past few weeks.  The next generation Surface RT will come with 1080p display, Tegra 4 processor, and more.  The next generation Surface Pro will come with Intel Hasewell processor, 8GB RAM option and more.  Both the Surface devices are expected to sport new Kickstand with two-step preset.

The rumored Surface Mini is not expected to be announced at this event.  The Lenovo 8-inch tablet has also been delayed, coincidence?

Here are those posts,

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  • Joe_HTH

    Unfortunately, these are lazy as hell upgrades by Microsoft, and I will pass on the next round of Surface tablets, which is something I never expected. Instead, I’ll get the Nokia tablet to tide me over. At least it has Snapdragon 800, and NFC and LTE.

    Stop being a bunch of lazy, stupid bums Microsoft. Ditch the Tegra processors. They suck compared to Qualcomm SOCs. Make the Surface Pro thinner and lighter. Get rif of the cooling fans. Nobody wants those in a tablet. Increase the size of the batteries in each device. Add NFC and LTE. When you do these things, I’ll pay attention. Until then, forget it. You’re going to get crucified in the press and rightfully so.
    These should have been significantly improved in every way, and instead you take the lazy way out. You can’t afford to be lazy.

    • Cruncher

      The Tegra 4 is a significant step up from Tegra 3 and sports ARM Cortex A15 cores, which are per clock faster than the Kraits found in Snapdragon 800. That having said, Snapdragon 800 is clocked somewhat higher, but i expect both SoCs to be very close in perfomance. On the GPU side the Snapdragon 800 might have a slight edge.

      • Joe_HTH

        According to the precious few benchmarks, the Snapdragon 800 handily beats Tegra 4. The Snapdragon 800 is also has better battery life and integrated LTE. The initial Tegra 4 didn’t even support LTE. They had to upgrade it.

        You know what else the Snapdragon 800 supports that the Tegra 4 doesn’t? USB 3.0. That’s something else that the Surface 2 should have been upgraded with.

  • sri_tech


    You desperately need a hit with one consumer device.

    1. Price the Surface RT at $349. Touch cover – $50, Power cover – $100.
    Surface pro 2 at $799.

    2. I am guessing these devices will be available from Oct 18th along with Windows 8.1.
    Release these devices in all the markets where you are currently selling surface RT/pro devices at the same time or at least release them in 10 major markets and expand to other markets in one month. Also release in India.

    3. Make sure they are available in retail stores in all markets.

    4. Ads should show what these devices actually do. Show the features of OS.
    Windows 8/8.1 is a much better OS than iOS or android for tablets. But all you did is some stupid dance videos. Change it immediately.

    • Cruncher

      There is one thing Microsoft should _NOT_ do and this is going down with the prices significantly. I always considered Surface a premium device as it is made of Magnesium.
      I do not think it is necessary for Microsoft going into the price war, leave this to the OEMs to offer the cheap devices (cheap = price and build quality).
      I expect the Surface price between Nexus 10 32GByte and iPad 32Gbyte. Even at that price it compares nicely feature-wise with the competition.

      • arrow2010

        MS has to undercut the cheap Android tablets now. Basically give away Surfaces to grow mindshare for the future.

        • symbolset

          That’s not great for their partners.

    • Ballack

      Wow, you should send out your c.v. to MSFT to apply for CEO there. I am sure:)

    • Yuan Taizong

      Keeping it expensive would be a good long term strategy, lower priced Windows 8 devices will sell anyway and this will keep the greatest complaint, the ”there’s not enough apps” argument invalid, thus Microsoft will sell their higher end devices.