Microsoft Announces Next Generation Xbox Called Xbox One

Xbox One Revealed

At an press event held at Redmond, Microsoft announced its next generation Xbox. The next generation console is called Xbox One. What if a single device could provide all your entertainment? Its Xbox One. It comes with new Kinect and a new Xbox controller as well.

  • Prateek Joshi

    Hope HTC doesn’t sues MS for using “ONE” ,lol

    • Chung-Ping Hung

      Then MS counter sues HTC by bringing up OneNote. Case dismissed.

    • techieg

      MS didn’t call it “HTC One”, it’s called “Xbox One”. Perhaps I should go trademark the three-letter combination “One” so nobody else can ever use it. Not gonna happen.

  • Joe_HTH

    I’m not terribly fond of that name. It’s going to confuse a lot of people, just like WiiU. Why call your third Xbox console One? The design is also not as good as the 360. It looks like a 1980s VCR.

    • Meekermoloko

      I don’t particularly care for the name either because it’s too simple, but I didn’t like the 360 name either. I don’t think it will confuse that many people compared to the Wii U. If they called it Xbox 360 Z or something, then maybe.

      If you really think about it… all game console names are pretty horrible:
      Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii?
      PlayStation, 2, 3, 4
      ColecoVision, Intellivision.
      Atari 2600, 5200
      Sega had at least Genesis and DreamCast…

      The design is a bit disappointing, but they are trying to make it fit in with a home entertainment system. They want non-gamers and this will fit better in a rack among other components.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      because its an all-in-ONE living room system. stop being stupid and try to use your brain a second. why would you call your second Xbox: “360” if there was no 358 Xbox before that? oh wait…….

      • techieg

        They were probably expecting “Xbox 720”. Stupid.

    • techieg

      Well, as an techie I understand the design and the name. Did you expect to hear “Xbox 720” or some other lousy name idea? Or for it to be as small as other puny systems like Roku and AppleTV that deliver no real value? As someone that has been dealing with Home Theater PCs (HTPCs), I know there’s no other way to go if you want to deliver a high performance all-in-one entertainment system, you should know where the “one” in the name comes from by now….hint…”all-in-one”. This is a perfect product and all competitors just died a worse death than was delivered by xbox 360/kinect.