Microsoft Announces Office For iPad, Available For Download In Few Hours

Office for iPad
At the press event in San Francisco, Microsoft announced Office for iPad apps. Office for iPad suite includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint to be specific. OneNote is already available for iPad. The download link will be available in few hours from now. Office for iPad requires Office 365  subscription. If you don’t have, you can still download the app and enjoy reading and presenting documents. Microsoft is working on bringing similar apps for in Windows Store and Google Play store as well.

A familiar Microsoft Office experience
•It’s easy to pick up the app and get started, because it’s like the Excel, Word and PowerPoint experience you already know.
•The familiar navigation and menu options are built for a touch experience. No keyboard required.

A qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to edit and create Excel spreadsheets. Qualifying plans include:
•Office 365 Home
•Office 365 Small Business Premium
•Office 365 Midsize Business
•Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4 (Enterprise and Government)
•Office 365 Education A3 and A4
•Office 365 ProPlus
•Office 365 University
•Office 365 trial subscriptions

If you don’t have a subscription,  you can buy Office 365 Home within the Excel for iPad app. With Office 365 Home, you also get always-up-to-date versions of Office for up to 5 PCs or Mac and 5 mobile devices, an additional 20 GB of OneDrive cloud storage, and Skype world minutes (where available).

Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renew is disabled beforehand.  Subscriptions may be managed, and auto-renewal may be disabled by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase.  A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

Powerpoint: iTunes Store

Watch the event live here.

  • whatup12

    I don’t blame them here–this is about them staying relevant across a number of fronts. I think they can execute across devices and services. EMS, office for ipad, in tune, azure is them executing for service…and hopefully next week we see more about devices!

    • LexicoRed

      I don’t blame them either, though it pretty much eliminates tells us Surface product is not long for the world.

      • Jimy Hinders

        Huh? Unlike iPad, you get the full Office experience free. With iPad you can only read/present files and you need a subscription to edit/create files. Even with a subscription, you don’t get the full experience like you do on Windows. That’s where the trade-off is. Plus, Office is a service. By providing a service to everyone, regardless of platform, you get more subscribers and it strengthens the Office brand even more than it currently is with it’s 1 billion+ users.

        • Duel

          Interesting part here is that the full experience actually isnt good thing. Instead having mouse Ui, iPad users actually have touch friendly simple UI unlike windows tablet owners.

          • Nham Thien Duong

            Yep, but as Microsoft Office Mobile (formerly Pocket Office) has existed since 1996 and soon Windows and Windows Phone will share A.P.I.’s it’ll be easier to ship Microsoft Office Mobile as apps in the Windows Store.

        • neva

          “Sign in with a free Microsoft account to create, edit and save documents
          for home use. A qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to
          create, edit and save documents for business use.”
          To me this says you can edit/create files for free…

      • whatup12

        yep, don’t agree with this. surface is a different product all together. Do i wish they had a touch friendly version of office for surface…sure. But would i use my surface to work on a word document without my keyboard…nope.

  • JC1875

    Nothing for A2 edu users or student advantage (who already get office for mac, pc and mobile)?

  • MS Developer

    It’s really unbelievable to see what’s going on at Microsoft. The problem is not that Office is available for iPad, BUT that a touch friendly Office was at first available for iPad instead of Windows 8, RT Phone. Microsoft wanted to tell people to use Windows 8/RT convertibles, but they didn’t deliver ANY productive Modern UI app. People did complain many times about the app situation. But Microsoft did give a duck about this.
    Now, they releases their premium cash cow for iPad that has indeed a wide distribution, but was never perceived as a productive computer. They are not only give a commitment to use foreign platforms, they also give the death blow to Windows convertibles.
    This company is completely unable to act in concert!

    • Nham Thien Duong

      I wouldn’t be so certain about it, it’s still selling Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions by selling their apps on that platform, Microsoft of-course SHOULD’VE made it on Windows R.T. first, and comparing what iPhones have to Microsoft Office Mobile 2013 on Windows Phone 8 I’d say that we, who buy within the Microsoft ”ecosystem” are being left behind. :- | :-(

      • MS Developer

        The problem i see is that at first Microsoft could sell lots of office for iPad. But that would only give the market a commitment to shift from Windows to other platforms like Apple. That means that revenue of the competitors will drastically raise. And then happens what Microsoft is already facing today: lots of competition! But then the competitors will have much more money and could easily complete with Microsoft.

      • Bugbog

        I’d guess we’re going to get this at build next week and they didn’t want to dilute the “Microsoft only” message by announcing for another platform (or maybe that’s just hogwash and there is no announcement for RT).

        Either way, at least we already have Office for Surface/Win 8.

    • LexicoRed

      No this is a outstanding action by a forward thinking new CEO. Rather than beholden to past mistakes he is illustrating he understand the future for Microsoft is Software and Services.

      Moreover he not going to prop-up their poor preforming hardware with Office when he can real market impact by offering software to products that is selling. He saying “Ballmer your hardware dream is a flop; Microsoft is can no longer pretend otherwise the future is Azure and back end services. Maybe not as sexy but profitable and what makes us great!”

  • first name

    I use a stylus and Touch cover with my Surface