Microsoft Announces Outlook Web Access Apps For iPhone And iPad

Outlook Web Access For iPhone iPad

Microsoft today announced the availability of Outlook Web Access (OWA) for iPhone and OWA for iPad. These OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad are mobile apps that offer the same email, calendar, and contact functionality you get in Outlook Web App on the browser, but with additional native platform capabilities.

  • Push notifications that actively notify you of new email
  • Meeting reminders pop up, even when the app is closed
  • Voice activated actions like scheduling a meeting or sending email
  • Contact sync so that OWA contacts are recognized by the iPhone’s caller ID function
  • Remote wipe capability that allows IT to delete email and calendar data in the app from the device in the event that the device gets lost or the user leaves the organization

These apps provides even more value to organizations on any Office 365 subscription that includes Exchange Online. If you are wondering about Windows Phone app, Windows Phone 8 comes with Outlook Mobile, and the Outlook Web App experience in the Windows Phone 8 browser is top-notch. So this release is for iOS devices which lacks native Outlook apps.

Read more at Exchange blog.

  • David van der Zande

    It’s not funny when a mail app from Microsoft works better on the iPad 1 in comparison with the Surface RT.

    • Mike366

      What are you talking about? Outlook RT is already available on Surface RT, where the OWA app on iPad is not much more than a Web page wrapper

      • David van der Zande

        No offense, but the mail app on my Surface RT wasn’t the best mail app I’ve ever seen. Luckily, things have improved a lot and they’re working on a new app.

    • David van der Zande

      Guys, I love my Surface RT. It beats the iPad in every way. It’s just that the mail app didn’t work properly until the 8.1 preview.

  • coip

    Surface RT is awesome. Much more useful than an iPad. I love the free Office suite that came with it, that paired with Skydrive, the Type cover, the Wedge mouse, USB ports, and printer compatibility make the iPad look like a kid’s toy.

  • AnthonyFear

    Can we have a Windows Phone version please!

    Many companies block Active Sync and so programs like this are invaluable.

    I have options now on IOS and on Android – just need a Windows Phone version.

    • TheNet Avenger

      Seriously, Works flawlessly in both Mobile Browser and Desktop Browser mode on WP8.
      The Apps for the iPad/iPhone are essential just with an App wrapper because Safari doesn’t work well with a ‘touch’ based website like

  • koenshaku

    Here I was just getting ready to light my WP MS hate torch oh well.