Microsoft Announces Skype For In Various Countries Including US

Skype For Outlook

Microsoft today announced the availability of Skype for in several countries around the globe including the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, and the United States. Microsoft also said that for the those in the other countries, they are still working hard to ensure it is available worldwide in the near future.

Microsoft is celebrating the launch of Skype on with a small contest,

 To celebrate the availability of Skype for in the United States we have partnered with Gail Simmons, food expert and author. As a busy professional who is always on the go, Gail understands the importance of keeping in touch with friends and family. We partnered with her to announce a contest where consumers can submit a recipe for a chance to make a video call with Gail via Skype for For every entry will donate $10 to Common Threads, a charity that promotes healthy eating with kids–and if the entry comes from an account, we’ll donate $20! You can learn more about the contest and enter at


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  • NegLewis

    “including US”?
    For US only…and maybe for another selected few.
    That’s why it’s so hard for me to enjoy MS services… Country discrimination.
    It was SOooo hard to change my Visa Card No. for my account…
    It was a pain to wait 2+ years for the “privilege and right” of posting an app from my country… that…until that was possible…I lost …
    I understand the legal implications… But 2 years…..?wow.

  • Tech_Reader

    I am waiting for a worldwide release..

  • reKitab

    Paul Thurrott: “…another way that Skype can annoy you…Well, for starters it’s a disaster. When someone calls me on Skype in Windows 8.1, I have FOUR—count ‘em, four—pop-up notifications alerting me to the call: Two from the Skype desktop application, one from the Skype mobile app (Metro) and now one from Here’s how that looks…”
    Thanks G.(god), it isn’t yet at my “location”:)