Microsoft Announces Two New Skype Chat Commands

Microsoft Skype team has added two new chat commands for Skype. These new commands can be entered into the message box of Skype from any client. The new /remotelogout and /showplaces commands allows you to control your Skype account login activity from anywhere. Read about it below.

Controlling Skype across all your devices with /remotelogout: 

The first of the two new chat commands that I want to discuss is /remotelogout. If you’re signed into your Skype account on multiple devices, this new command signs you out on all of them except for the device you enter the command on.

When you type /remotelogout in the chat window and press send, you won’t get a confirmation of the command but you will notice its effect on other devices. You can even use it on your mobile if, for example, you exit the office in a hurry and forget to sign out.

Checking where you’re signed in with /showplaces: 

The use of smart phones and tablets continues to grow and, with it, the number of different devices people use Skype across. Trying to remember which devices you’ve signed in on can get difficult quickly. That’s where the other new chat command /showplaces comes in.

When entered, the command shows you a list of the devices that your account is signed in on. This command, together with the remote logout command will give you total control over your Skype presence when using multiple devices.

Source: Skype

  • Vincent Haakmat

    Just tried it.. it works :)

  • Allan Cantillo

    Definitely useful, started using it right away. It works on windows 8.1 and Skype wp8.1

  • IvannaPee

    Why would I need this? I thought if I get a call/message on any Skype it synced to all devices and all of them get the call/message. Am I missing the use of these two new commands?

    • Mark

      It does sync. But there are instances when you may have left your computer logged in on another computer and you simply don’t want to stay online on those other devices. It’s a nice option to have.

  • Kishan Kukadiya

    Where to type those two command ???

  • Alvin Alvin

    But when i do (/showplace), it comes up with ({*bunch of numbers and letters*}) localhost Android Skype) how do i know which device i am logged on other than it being a android device???