Microsoft Announces Updated Version Of Internet Explorer 11 For Windows


Microsoft yesterday officially announced an updated version of Internet Explorer 11 available with the Windows 8.1 Update and for Windows 7 customers as well as the debut of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft also released two new experiences today – 22Tracks and FishGL that allows you to explore what’s new with IE11 across Windows and Windows Phone.

If you are one among the people who browse the Web on many devices, switching between your laptop, tablet, and phone throughout the day, this update to IE11 means that whatever device you pick-up, your tabs and favorites are there for you, right where you left off.

Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 share the same experience and underlying Web standards that help developers build interoperable sites and apps that just work across many browsers and devices. That includes updates to the latest specs for hardware-accelerated (and stable) WebGL as well as professional quality rich media like HTML5 video including closed captioning, adaptive streaming, and rights management.

Source: IE Blog

  • Nham Thien Duong

    It’ll be quite interesting how Microsoft will do the synchronizing, it looks very different from iCloud+Safari and Google Chrone, and even Mozilla Firefox, Waterfox, Opera, Etc. all other browsers can do it, and though Microsoft is ”the last to the party” they certainly don’t disappoint. 😀

  • Blaze Blue

    This is a good sign that some websites would show correctly.


    Based on the info so far it is not confirmed if the Desktop version of IE11 will sync tabs also or not because it appears to be App version of IE11 only so far which is okay however as typical Windows user we intend to use the Desktop version.