Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 11 Beta

Microsoft today announced the Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta coming next week. The new version of developer tools will sport a new look and hundreds of new features that will make the developer environment much better.

With this as the backdrop we set out in Visual Studio 11 to attack the tool overload challenge through thoughtful yet aggressive reduction in the following areas:

  • Command Placements
  • Colorized Chrome
  • Line Work
  • Iconography

Microsoft also announced that the beta of this product will be available for download next week which Windows 8 beta gets released. You can read of TFS 11 release here.

  • Anonymous

    Time to build cool Windows 8 Metro apps!

  • Andy

    I don’t understand why people complain about the color…

    • Cris Rowlands

      I know right? Its not actually that bad?
      People say it looks like something you would find on Windows 95, but tbh, I dont care ūüėõ

      • davepermen

        i think the previous one looked more like win95 with all the fancy colours and stuff. i’m glad they cleaned up that mess. it looks great.

        people and change, always moaning around.

    • Anonymous

      I know it may seem silly to complain about the looks of a productivity tool. ¬†But for some reason it does matter, I don’t know why. ¬†At first glance I think I like the look of VS2010 a lot more than this. ¬†This just looks …. old.

    • Smith

      I love Visual Studio 2010 and I have to say I like Visual Studio 2011 look and metro style.

      But still I think colors help people to do things faster and find things better. Metro is nice but doesnt mean it had to be just very limited colors and pale colors.

      I believe what we have here now is a little too simple and limited color which make things harder for developer to find or click.

      I like a new look a lot but they need to use more white, light gray and blue/purple to seperate things in their metro style design.

      Metro means simple and clean and sharp minimal design but doesn’t mean less colors to make it so boring. Color make Metro design shine!

  • Cobalto

    No way. The purple and darkets theme gone?
    This Win95-gray-style are back? Please, no :(

  • Anonymous

    Ick… the lines surrounding “TOOLBOX” and “SOLUTION EXPLORER” remind me of Mac OS 9.x…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if I like the new look and feel, but in the end I will try to judge it on features and efficiency, considering this is a productivity tool.

  • Vojtńõch V√≠t

    This looks really¬†awful. The blue Visual Studio 2010 is much better. Creating new design just because it’s a new major version doesn’t make sense for developer tools. Especially if all the changes can be summarized just¬†as “take the¬†original and desaturize it”… Please, don’t over-Appleize the tool..

  • Graham Wager

    Just have to ask, what’s with the CAPS EVERYWHERE? I really don’t need VS shouting at me all the time, plus the caps mean fewer characters visible on the tabs:
    Solution Explorer

    P.S. I’m really not fond of grey everywhere either…