Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 Spring Update, Lowers Hardware Requirements To 1GB RAM, 16GB Storage

At MWC event in Spain, Microsoft announced the availability of Windows 8.1 update that is coming in Spring. This upcoming update is mainly focused on keyboard and mouse users.

Main Features:

– Improvements to non-touch experience
– More hardware options (including at low end)
– Improvements for government and education markets via IE8 compatibility mode in IE11.

Improvements to non-touch experience includes discoverable search, power and settings on Start. New Mouse UI for right-click(Start) and close (apps). Also easy app launching and switching via task bar.

More hardware options is enabled by lowering hardware requirements. It includes 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage as opposed to 2GB RAM and 32GB storage that exists now.

Joe Belfiore said,

“we love touch, but we do want to make things better for people who don’t have touchscreens.”


  • OneCharmingQuark

    Does support for devices with 16 GB hard drives mean that Windows 8 and RT will shrink? It seems like it takes up too much space at the moment to be very useful on a 16 GB device. It’s not very impressive if you’re only left with 2 GB for media and apps.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    This makes Microsoft more competitive towards Chromebooks, and the compatibility mode will give people more reasons to chose Windows 8.X over Windows 7. :-)