Microsoft Announces Xbox Arcade Games On Windows 8/RT

Microsoft Studios announced the new Play Service that enables you to play arcade games made for Xbox LIVE on any Windows 8/RT compatible device. Most of the games are already available in Windows Store and Microsoft has just listed them under this new ‘Play’ brand.

Get your game on with this amazing line-up of titles from Microsoft Studios. Our games have something for everyone, from casual puzzlers and high energy racing to immersive adventure and non-stop arcade. For Xbox fans you’ll also find your favorite features like leaderboards, multiplayer modes, connecting with friends, and more. All Microsoft Studios titles let you try before you buy; check them out today!
Microsoft Studios titles are available for Windows 8 and Windows RT via the Windows Store.

Full List of New PLAY Releases: 

  • Toy Soldiers (not available on Windows RT)
  • 4 Elements: Special Edition
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane
  • Rocket Riot 3D
  • Reckless Racing Ultimate
  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  • Microsoft Mahjong
  • Microsoft Minesweeper
  • Taptiles
  • Adera
  • Pinball FX2
  • Wordament
  • Gunstringer: Dead Man Running
  • Ilomilo+
  • Skulls of the Shogun (launches at the end of January)

Source: Microsoft

  • FavBrowser

    What about WP?

  • FavBrowser

    What about WP?

  • FavBrowser

    What about WP?

  • FavBrowser

    What about WP?

  • FavBrowser

    What about WP?

  • Jules

    well this is a bit misleading. what would really be a good move is if microsoft enabled arcade games for xbox on windows 8/rt devices…

  • Bugbog

    New Games! New Games!! How can a company, with its own game studios, not have released a Killer game alongside its new platform device?!!

    A disappointment, and missed opportunity, all in one!

    • darthtigris


  • CX1

    Announcing games that were already available…. Yea?

  • NarcoSleepy

    Ok, I bought Ilomilo for xbox, but not for windows phone or Windows 8. Does this mean that I will be able to play Ilomilo on my WinRT without having to pay for the app again?

    • DigTheNoise

      I had to buy it on both. Oh well, like the game well enough.

    • Ryan T

      You must buy it again.

  • Mark Matheson

    Could be done with a Halo or Kameo sidescroller too!

  • Phelps

    Anybody else noticed the tablets at 0:34 have the old Windows Logo on the back