Microsoft Announces Yammer Network For Survivors Of Disasters

Last week, Microsoft announced the availability of the Yammer network for survivors of disasters at the White House Disaster Response Innovation and Recovery Day. Yammer is a private enterprise social network from Microsoft that can be used for online collaboration and communication with multiple parties and stakeholders. It is like Facebook for the enterprise. With this program, Microsoft is trying to provide the capability to provision a secure and private Social Enterprise network for Survivors such that they are able to find information quickly and talk to people who share the same experience and trauma.

Microsoft provided the following reasons on why they should use Yammer and what are the benefits of it,

Many governments work with devolved organisations and under a multi-agency framework (emergency services, local government departments, survivors, family members and other organisations) in order to prepare, respond and recover from an emergency. During a large scale event that might occur in multiple locations at different times it is pivotal that these organisations are able to quickly and efficiently communicate with each other. A centralised communication system is needed to facilitate the communication and collaboration between these parties at a time when key information is scarce and confusing.


  • Speed up the recovery time of survivors
  • Reduce information overload on survivors
  • Increased the speed of which information is shared amongst the group
  • Increased the likelihood and speed of people returning to work
  • Provides a forum for survivors to self help and support each other
  • Reduce the severity of PTSD
  • Reduce the cost of healthcare for the survivors
  • Provide real-time access to information on all devices

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via: Mark Margolis

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