Microsoft Announcing Smartwatch At E3?

Microsoft Smart Watch

Based on previous reports, we already know that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch. The smartwatch will work with iPhones, Android and Windows devices. It will continuously measure heart rate through the day and night and will offer up to two days of battery life. Today, claimed that they have seen the device in person, and it was similar to Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit in appearance. The device will include heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, and a galvanic skin response sensor all built-in. The report even claims that Microsoft might make announcement about this device at E3 tomorrow.

The Motely Fool even reports that Microsoft has already announced the Smartwatch,

Microsoft just announced that it is developing a smartwatch that can monitor a user’s heart rate with a battery that lasts for up to two days. The watch will be compatible with Windows Phone, Apple iOS, and Google Android devices, and it will move the screen to the inside of the wrist for privacy.

While the description of the device looks highly possible, I highly doubt Microsoft will use E3 which is a gaming focused event to announce a smartwatch. If Microsoft is making such an announcement, I expect them to do it with their own press event. Anyway, we can put an end to these rumors in less than 48 hours!

  • big_Stefano

    This is exactly the same article WP Central wrote, except that you basically put it in your own words. The content is the same, the structure, the rumours, everything is the same. Even the way you laid out the news starting with the report from gearlive, and ending with “your” opinion that if Microsoft wanted to announce something, they would make their own press event.
    It seems as though you read the WP Central article and decided to come back here and write this rubbish.
    And why it’s on Microsoft News I’ll never know. It should be on WMPU!
    Please don’t waste our time (and yours) with carbon copies of articles found on other mobile news sites. Give us something original.

    • jhtanglewood

      I’d rather read it hear than from that moody, pubescent girl that is Daniel Rubino.

      • big_Stefano

        Hahahaha! Touché! I have noticed, for a guy, he definitely has some extreme mood swings.