Microsoft Answers- An Unofficial Tech Support Site Gets Revamp


Microsoft answers ( is a Q&A site for Microsoft products and services and is maintained by Microsoft itself to help consumers to get their solutions. Microsoft today launched a redesigned site along with some core improvements. Here is the message from Microsoft,

Welcome to the new and improved Microsoft Answers

We’ve redesigned the site to make it easier to use – easier to find answers, ask questions, and connect with other users in the Answers community.

Please take some time to get familiar with our new community award system and read our list of Frequently Asked Questions to learn what’s new.

Note: After the last weekend of February, you will need to enter an email in your Microsoft Answers profile to receive notifications. Click your user name and then click edit your profile.

Finally, please let us know what you think: we value your feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for being part of the Microsoft Answers community!

  • h.ricker

    need to know how to teather a wp7 for internet connectivity 

  • hillyard

    anyone know how  to tether a wp7 to a laptop for intrnet conectivity?

  • Seblueyed

    how do I contact microsoft to unlock my hotmail account

  • Anonymous

    In Windows XP … is there a built-in MS app for viewing images, one separate and distinct from apps like Picasa, Kodak EasyShare, etc? 

  • ron mueller

    What is a URL ?, I need to know mine.

  • Judith Schweer

    I have somehow moved my photos from the “C” Drive into a System Folder…I cannot attach them to an e-mail from this location.. How can I move them back to the “C” Drive??

  • aun

    when I want to use a web picture as a monitor/computer background, I either get a small picture in the center or a very large one which appears to be wanting to go beyond the screen can you tell me how I can adjust the size to something reasonable?
    thank you

  • Ron

    I have my windows 8 border colors personalized i.e., “red” now i keep my Yahoo Messenger contact box open on my desktop. When I go from Windows to my Yahoo messenger and click, I lose the color of my windows border and retain the color of my Yahoo Messenger box. Then when i go back to a windows “window” and click i get my border colors back, but I lose my color in my Yahoo Messenger contact box, anyone out there explain to me why it does this, and what I need to do to remedy it. Thank you

  • Thelma Dunlop

    I am interested in the scoring for an American Stableford in golf