Microsoft Answers Top Questions About Xbox One: Internet Connection Not Mandatory, Allows Players To Trade in, Resell Games

Xbox One

Microsoft answered top questions about new Xbox One Platform at their new blog. Xbox One does not require always-on internet connection, it is not compatible with Xbox 360 games, it allows trade-in and reselling of games, etc,.

Read them below.

Q:    Does Xbox One require an “always on” Internet connection? A:    No, it does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet. We’re designing Xbox One to be your all-in-one entertainment system that is connected to the cloud and always ready. We are also designing it so you can play games and watch Blu-ray movies and live TV if you lose your connection.
Q:    How do consumers benefit by being connected to the cloud? A:    The cloud makes every experience better and more accessible.  Because Xbox One is powered by the cloud:

  • Your games have more power available to create new gameplay, persistent worlds, and deeper experiences.
  • Your system and games can update automatically, so you shouldn’t have to wait for downloads or updates.
  • Your games and entertainment are stored and saved in the cloud, so you can access them anytime, from any Xbox One.*
  • Start a game, movie, or TV show on one console and finish exactly where you left off on another.
  • You can play multiplayer games with your friends, stream movies or TV shows right away, and enjoy the community and social features of Xbox Live.
  • Xbox One can recognize you, log you in and tailor your home screen just for you.

You can discover what your friends are playing, watching and listening to if they choose to share. These are just a few examples of how customers benefit from our platform being connected to the Internet. It brings the future of TV and games to our consumers—and it’s designed for today and the decade ahead.
* Subject to content geographical restrictions.
Q:    When will Xbox One launch and in what markets? A:    Xbox One will launch in markets around the world later this year. We’ll have more to share later.
Q:    Can I use my current gamertag on Xbox One and will my Gamerscore and Achievements transfer? A:    Yes. Your current Xbox Live Gamertag will stay with you on Xbox One if you choose to keep it, and your hard-earned Gamerscore and Achievements will indeed carry over from Xbox 360.
Q:    Will Xbox One be backward compatible with my existing games? A:    Xbox One hardware is not compatible with Xbox 360 games. We designed Xbox One to play an entirely new generation of games—games that are architected to take full advantage of state-of-the-art processors and the infinite power of the cloud. We care very much about the investment you have made in Xbox 360 and will continue to support it with a pipeline of new games and new apps well into the future.
Q:    Will Xbox One allow players to trade in, purchase and play pre-owned games?  A:    We are designing Xbox One to enable customers to trade in and resell games. We’ll have more details to share later.
Q:    Will my current Xbox Live Gold membership work with Xbox One or will I have to buy a new one? A:    You do not need to buy a new Xbox Live Gold membership. Your current membership will work on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
Q:   Why require Kinect with every Xbox One? A:    The all new Kinect is now an essential and integrated part of the platform.  By having it as a consistent part of every Xbox One, game and entertainment creators can build experiences that assume the availability of voice, gesture and natural sensing, leading to unrivaled ease of use, premium experiences and interactivity for you.
Q:    Do I need to have a specific cable or satellite TV provider to watch live TV on Xbox? A:    Our goal is to enable live TV through Xbox One in every way that it is delivered throughout the world, whether that’s television service providers, over the air or over the Internet, or HDMI-in via a set top box (as is the case with many providers in the US). The delivery of TV is complex and we are working through the many technologies and policies around the world to make live TV available where Xbox One is available.
Q:    Xbox One is a more powerful product compared to Xbox 360, but does it also use more power? A:    No. By providing multiple power states in Xbox One, we’ve balanced energy efficiency with functionality. We’ve taken a completely different approach to how Xbox One consumes power. It only uses the power it needs at that particular moment for the task at hand.

  • judazuk

    what size harddrive is in the device, anyone know? (missed parts of the announcement)

    • 89caps


      • judazuk

        Thanx for the info :) A bit small though.

        • Jimmy_Jangle

          You can connect external HDDs – which allows full storage

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    it was expected…… i wish they made something about the backwards compatibility but it was hard. i still had hopes, but the other rumors like always on and no traded games played were beyond stupid. but it was funny how people take rumors as if they were true and today they were still like “well there wont be always on feature but it wont allow playing used games, ps4 is better” only because a crappy site said it.

    • judazuk

      don’t understand why they cant just put a VM in the device to make it possible to play Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

      • Alex

        There is nothing to prevent them from streaming 360 games from the cloud later on. They just don’t have that operational right now.

        • judazuk

          Streaming require high speed Internet. The beauty of the old games is that they don’t require Internet to play.

          I prefer gaming to Sharing everything I do .. but maybe its just me. Still havn’t gotten a Kinnect because i don’t see the point :) and not so sure i want a camera placed in my living room connected to the Internet. maybe I’m just old and paranoid , but i prefer not to be forced to have Internet to play a console i have in my own house

          • Dare2Blink

            Did you read the article? It specifically mentions the fact that you do not need to be online to play games, watch tv or blueray movies.

          • Emi Cyberschreiber

            he probably means what Phil Harrison said… And the crap kotaku is spreading about being online once every 24h.

            but he said “I believe its 24h” so he didnt even know the real answer. but Xbox One has so many online things like trending thing… it has to download it from somewhere no? of course it needs internet at some point. also it has IE and new apps that may requite connection like skype or netflix, but I dont believe Xbox will explode or give a message in the middle of your offline gaming how you have to get online to continue playing because its been 24 hours since you were online…
            the thing is Xbox one has many features that work only with internet so at some point you will want to do something that requires to be online. but i think people just have to wait and see. but i dont know why people would buy a console like this to have it offline especially when it will have so much cloud stuff on it.

          • judazuk

            No… I’m talking about streaming old games like Alex mentionend “There is nothing to prevent them from streaming 360 games from the cloud later on. They just don’t have that operational right now.”

            That would require Internet.

          • Emi Cyberschreiber

            well you said about the paranoid and you didnt want to be forced to be always online in your own house to play games, so i thought you changed from streaming to being online in general with the new Xbox.

            but anyway streaming games sounds like a not good idea, not only because it requires a high speed internet but also because if you had a 360 it would be easier to just plug your 360 and play.
            onlive showed streaming games wasnt good, because it had input lag and all that, and if they removed a game it wasnt yours anymore even though you paid for it. so its better they leaving backwards compatibility out, and focus in new games. becuase emulation this time would be hard and fps wouldnt be good at all, and multiplayer gaming would be impossible.

          • judazuk

            did you read whats being talked about?… Streaming requires Internet .

            or how do you stream content from servers on the other of the planet to your home, without a network connection…. …. clicking your heals and wishing?

  • Alex

    They should have stuck a 3TB drive in there.

    • Alex Roy


  • Will

    I get that your Xbox live info can carry over, but mine runs out a month after I am planning on purchasing a Xbox one. Is there a special Xbox one live card you have to buy or is it the same for both one and 360?? Please help!!!!!