Microsoft Asks Court To Dismiss Billion Dollar Case Against Novell


Many of you would have forgot about the antitrust case that is going on between Microsoft and Novell. Even though Microsoft and Novell are now friends in their industry, once they were bitter rivals. Here is the short description of the case,

Novell argues that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates ordered company engineers to reject WordPerfect as a Windows 95 application because he feared it was too good. WordPerfect’s share plummeted from nearly 50 percent to less than 10 percent of the market as Microsoft’s own office programs took hold.

Microsoft obviously argues that its not the case as Novell describes. Their response,

Microsoft’s Gates decided against installing a WordPerfect program because it threatened to crash Windows and couldn’t be fixed in time for the Windows 95 rollout.

Bill GatesGates is scheduled to appear before court on Microsoft’s defense on Monday. Lets see what happens ! ! !


  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t the case be against Microsoft then?

    • Anonymous

      It is against Microsoft

  • Alenalexandar

    Yeah, the headline is totally wrong!
    Its so missleading – making Mikrozoft sound so awww-sweet. I thought right away somethings wrong here!
    I keep saying – Mikrosoft and Apple are the two tirants completely retarding innovation.
    although the two have always successfully publicly played off against one another on the surface, as oposames, their sad conjoint effort to HALT Google and Android platform because they feel so threatened by them is shamelessly so public and very ironic.
    Yes, the threat is real and they are desperate because their sheer dictatorship runs viscious and deep inside their workings that it really halts any innovation – WinMobile suing Zune etc.its like an organizm eating itself, very very sick stuff.
    We ALL know that Winphone 7+ is a failed powerpoint presentatin and that iPhone is just nothing more but a pretty list of apps, SINCE IT CAME OUT!
    The true winner is Google or more so to credit it to what it really is – A GLOBAL OPEN EFFORT TOWARDS GREATER ND GREATER INNOVATION AT LIGHT SPEEDS compared to competition.

    • WixosTrix

      I guess you think we should all have laggy, malware infested phones.

      • Andrew Polidori

        Isn’t Android linux based?