Microsoft Asks Customers To Upgrade From Windows XP And Office 2003


With Windows XP’s nearing its 10-year two weeks, Office 2003 was launched 8 years ago this month. Both these products became the phenomenon among both consumers and enterprise. But world has changed a lot since then, just to show that Windows team posted the above info graphic on influential technology in this decade.

Both Windows team and Office team blogged on their respective blogs to show their current version sales numbers and how they give advantages to the customers when compared to their older counterparts.

The end of extended support for both Office 2003 and Windows XP is coming up in April 2014. Customers should start planning their migration to Office 2010 and Windows 7 now.

Read more on this at Windows Team Blog and Office team blog.

  • J A

    “…Customers should start planning their migration to Office 2010 and Windows 7 now.”

    Better yet, customers should planning their migration to Office vNext and Windows 8 now.

    • Anonymous

       I run XP. on this rig and vista on my laptop. Maybe when win8 comes out I’ll switch this rig. but TO spend money now on three machines at what couple a hundred per nope though i did get the new ios for under 50 bucks for my mackbook pro….Just staying

  • Amitsinh Thakur

    So MS does not think Windows Phone 7 is an important landmark !!!!  Interesting graphic :)

    • Anonymous

      didnt mention Android or iOS either at least, but very strange it didnt make the cut

  • sarkis chamelian

    I think some monkey in the closet made this , seriously, if you look at it what the hell does Verizon 3G netowrk got to do with microsoft as well as bluray player, tiwitter, Hulu hoop and forgot facebook(okay  5% is owned we know!)   What about Exchange, Sharepoint, Forfront……arent they important to…. I BLAME THE MONKEY !!  they should have fed him proper nuts !!

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you can get a family pack of Windows 7 for under $120.