Microsoft Awarded With Design Patent For Windows 8 Start Screen UI

Microsoft Start Screen Patent

Microsoft recently got their patent for one of the most unique thing on Windows 8, its Start Screen. Yes, Live Tiles arranged on a background is now patented by Microsoft. In 2011, Microsoft got their patent on Windows Phone Start Screen UI. You can read about it here. You can find the two patents related to Windows Phone Start Screen UI here and here.

Recently, Samsung announced a new Magazine UX for its tablets. It is basically a tweaked version of Windows 8 Start experience. Yes, you got large Live Tiles for different apps which you can arrange on your home screen similar to what Windows 8.1 provides to users now. I guess, patents like this might stop companies like Samsung from copying their designs.

Source:USPTO via: Winbeta

  • Silver Dynamite

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    • VonArmitage

      Your language tells everything about you. You don’t deserve any comments. Companies like Shamesung does not like these patents. You mister dynamite fit just fine with those copycats.

    • BeefNeeg

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  • ZloiYuri

    Meanwhile in Google…

    They forced Stolesung to deny from stolen “Magazine UI”. Strange coincidence, right? I’m sure – they knew about that patent so decided not to give MS aces in to play. It would be a very bad promotion for android. “Playboy UI” from Samsung shows Android UI outdated. So maybe shitsung and fooogle together trying to keep a good face on a bad game this way.

  • vikeam

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    • ZloiYuri

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          • ZloiYuri

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    • BeefNeeg

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  • Duk3togo

    LOL, I guess Samesing might have to start looking to change.

  • Tech_Reader

    Samsung or Samdung, is just a copycat in true sense.. !!
    I hope they drop dead after the exclusive deal with Google and now this is larceny !!
    Down with them