Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Continues To Gain On Amazon And Google

If you are following the cloud computing industry for the past few years, the title should not have surprised you. Microsoft Azure continues its momentum of gaining customers more than Amazon and Google. A survey of CIOs by the research firm Pacific Crest Securities has found enterprise customers are going to spend more money on Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 than Google and Amazon Web Services. Also, Microsoft was the second most preferred supplier for public and private cloud services behind VMware.

For the survey, Pacific Crest checked in with CIOs at 152 companies with 1,000 or more employees — most of them with over 5,000 employees. That at least partially explains the overall strength for Microsoft: Big as it is, Amazon’s AWS tends to be more popular with earlier-stage (and therefore smaller) companies.

One thing that large enterprises tend to like, writes Pacific Crest’s Brendan Barnicle, is that Microsoft’s cloud tends to work nicely with their existing Active Director infrastructure, the system they use to sign into older Microsoft products like Exchange. They also like it because they get access to a lot of Microsoft products that they couldn’t get from a standard installation of Microsoft Office.

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Source: Recode

  • Mark Gibbs

    Awesome News…

  • Tips_y

    Great! Now, if only the same thing would happen to WP, and at a much faster clip if possible…

  • LexcoRed

    Great news and only reinforces it’s time to shut down the hardware dream and focus on the things that make the company great.

    • Tips_y

      You don’t make a lot of sense… both the Surface tablets and WP8.1 (and the newly bought Lumia hardware) are great products that can help Microsoft become even greater.

      Probably what you’re saying is push the marketing of these hardware harder because they are already great products to begin with and can greatly enhance Microsoft’s product portfolio.

      If they were mediocre products, then I would join you in asking Microsoft to toss them overboard and move on.

      • LexicoRed

        True only way a supporter can truly quantify the products as successful is if they sell. While there reasons for individuals like me to like the products you mentioned, the market has spoken and that is to say no thanks.

        The core competencies to sell hardware, even good hardware is not the same as software and services. Microsoft has proven over and over whatever they are good at, and what they are not. WP and Surface, like other money losers like Zune, kin, xBox has prove hardware is the later. It is past time to sell the divisions off.

    • VHMP01

      Ehhhh, No! May I just remind you of Cortana! MS needs to show all OEMs what they can achieve in the Hardware ‘Dream’. I am totally happy if WP/Nokia, Surface, and even XBox are nitches; as long as they are Top of Best products even being highly priced, the rest can be followed, comercialized and cheapened by OEMs… Meaning yes, I would also licence XBox OS, or more like one Windows that can be fit across everything! Setting the ‘Top’ bar as I explained before.

      • LexicoRed

        If your saying OEMs needs Microsoft to lose billions and billions dollars on these examples then the ecosystem is really in trouble and confirms even deeper that MS needs to dump this strategy and focus cross platform services and software.

        We can take comfort in that it appears Nadella agrees with us.

        • VHMP01

          What? It’s called Investment in order to sell millions of Licences! Which in time will give MS much more billions and billions of $$$! Nadella agrees with Services and Software without ‘dumping’ Xbox, WP or Surface! Thanks for pointing that out!