Microsoft Bans Steven Sinofsky From Working At Amazon, Apple, EMC, Google, Facebook, Oracle and VMware

Microsoft recently made a legally required filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  which lists some interesting information on where Steven Sinofsky can and cannot work until the end of 2013.  You may recall Sinofsky and Microsoft parted ways last November, shortly after the launch of Windows 8.  The seven companies Sinofsky cannot work for currently are Amazon, Apple, EMC, Facebook, Google, Oracle, and VMWare.  The list shows some insight into what companies Microsoft considers its biggest threats. It’s in Sinofsky’s best interest to follow this agreement with Microsoft as he is set to receive a $14 million retirement package from the company.  It will be interesting to watch where Sinofsky ends up working in 2014.  Parts of retirement agreement with Microsoft extend to 2017.  We may have to wait a few more years until learning the full story behind Microsoft’s and Sinofsky’s divorce.

Source: SEC via GigaOM

  • daredevildan

    At least they didn’t list Microsoft. So…there’s always that.

  • GetEdumated

    I’m surprised it’s so short a time frame. I would expect a ban like that to last 5 years.

    • grs_dev

      Industry is moving so fast, what he knows about most likely is already ancient by now. But yeah I do agree. I am sure if they could have gotten a longer period they would have. The entire year of 2013 is already costing them $14MM.