Microsoft Beats Apple At Social Media War In June

This June was one of the busiest month for tech industry this year. All three industry giants Microsoft, Apple and Google had major press and developer events. Taykey, a startup that uses “patented technology” to analyze trends and conversations across social sources to help its advertising customers improve their campaigns released the above infographic to show how Microsoft’s and Apple’s announcements were treated in social media conversations. They even posted a conclusion that Microsoft’s Surface Tablet announcement surpassed Apple’s Retina MacBook and iOS 6 news in the social media. Its a good sign for the new style of secretive communication of Microsoft to the press! What do you think?

Check out version of the same here.

via: All Things D

  • Milad Bazzaz

    Yes, keeping things behind closed doors is a great way to build excitement.

    Microsoft’s problem is they are selectiv in information. Damn, once you reveal something…DO IT. They introduced the Surface but didn’t say anything about specs, cellular, price etc…

    Apple is also the master of secracy…but once they unveil something, they do it completely AND you can order it the next day on their online store. They execute perfectly and get a lot of spontanous buys from fanboys.

    Microsoft shows something that comes in 6 months (Surface Pro)…untill then the excitement is dead, people have moved on probably and other products from the competition have overtaken it.

    Microsoft has to figure this out…NOW. I still don’t know if I want a Surface or not because I have no idea about cellular, battery life, price, availability in Germany, etc. etc. Thats very annoying to keep people on their heels. Just come out and straight up say whats going on or shut up and wait untill you feel about unveiling the whole story…

    selective information sharing hurts the image of the company and is not trust-worthy.

    • Sunovavic

      3 reasons they showed the surface

      …to put out the fire Apple started
      …to ignite a pilot light of hope for consumers
      …to light a fire on OEMs’ butt

      • Johan Nilsson

        Well, now they have a few months to deliver it to the world before it gets old.

        • tick tock

          I have been waiting for a while for Surface like hybrid and I can wait a little longer. I don’t want to waste my money on a regular tablet. What the tablet can do my cell phone can do except the screen size.

        • Sunovavic

          I don’t know why they would want to miss out on the Holiday sales.  I’m sure there will be a lot of Win 8 devices to choose for the holidays including the Surface pro I hope.

  • SteveyAyo

    As a side note that infographic is gorgeous

    • rsgx

      Good typography.

  • RicardoDawkins

    I wonder if iEngadget and thePoison will pick this up?

    • Franklin Jawara Lee

      I seriously doubt it.

  • Philipp Mager

    uffff… wrong windows logo :-o… -> the infographics is invalid