Microsoft Bing Adds 150 Million Entities Encompassing Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, And More To Snapshot Feature

Bing Snapshot Update

Microsoft’s includes a feature called Snapshot which brings together information that you need at a glance, with rich connections to deeper information on the people, places, and things you care about made possible by our deep understanding of the real world. has now added an additional 150 million entities encompassing web actives, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and individual real estate properties.

Now when you search for a medical professional, e.g., {dr rhonda newton sammamish}, Bing returns the Snapshot of the professional that includes their specialty, experience, education as well as address and phone number. Searching for new home or heading to a friend’s house for dinner? Now you can get detailed information about an address directly from the Snapshot. Because Bing marries its understanding about entities with web search, you often don’t even need to type in the complete address. E.g., instead of {2700 point dr highland park il 60035}, you can simply type {2700 point dr highland park} and Bing will still return the right property.

Also, you can now take actions directly from the snapshot information.

This amount of data in our repositories is also incredibly helpful when asking Bing a question that requires an understanding of natural language such as “who was the third president of the united states” or looking up “united states supreme court justices.” In these cases, Bing can either bring the answer directly to the top of the page, or provide a carousel of results that are just not possible with a simple web search:

Bing Snapshot Update 1

Read more about it in detail here.

  • wp77

    What countries does this work in?

  • kristdotm

    US only feature again Bing team? When are going to finally realise that people outside the US may want to use Bing too?? I’m from the UK and using bing is like stepping back to the early 2000s, terrible user experience and poor search results.