Microsoft: Bing And MSN Had 308 Million Page Views On Election Day

Microsoft Bing team today blogged about some stats regarding the traffic on Bing and MSN on Election Day in US. ComScore revealed that almost 32 million people visited Bing and MSN to say informed on Election Day, with over 308 million pages viewed.

More on the Bing/MSN traffic from ComScore,

While TV has long been the dominant medium for election coverage, our data also revealed that a significant audience was also looking for a second screen experience on election night.  In fact, almost 8 million people visited Bing and MSN during the primetime broadcast hours of 8-11 PM ET on election night, which matched CBS and beat Fox (4.9 million) and MSNBC (4.7 million)**.

People visiting Bing peaked at 11 PM ET on Election Day followed by the second most visited time period of 12 PM ET the following day.

Election related searches on Bing increased 300% on Election Day.

Read more about it in detail from the link below.

Source: Bing

  • toohats

    They did and excellent job at coverage. Each state, each county specifically, and the statewide ballots, etc. Sometimes I will find a gem like that in Bing, and then never seem to find it again. Seems like Bing is really turning into something more.

  • liberalrepublic

    i loved the election coverage on bing. its very informative.

  • Kitab

    lol! “…They did and excellent job at coverage…” lol!
    Not outdone “…almost 32 million people visited Bing and MSN to say informed on Election Day…”