Microsoft Bing Launches New Feature Called Linked Pages

Today Microsoft Bing team announced a new feature (US Only for now) called Linked Pages which will make searching for people on the web easier. With Linked Pages, you link websites related to you in search results. Now your friends looking for you online can find what you want them to find. You can also link pages to your friends to help them shine on Bing as well. An example snippet of the search result can be seen above. Watch the video demo below.
Video: Make a Good Search Impression with Bing’s Linked Pages

Source: Bing

  • WixosTrix


    • Anonymous

       I guess it’s great if your famouse and your name comes up on the bing search. If not you have to dig deep to find your pages like facebook and twitter. It wouldeve been better if there was a link button you can press on any site.

      • WixosTrix

        Well it was easy to find Twitter and stuff by searching for your handle or username, while still in the Linked Pages tab. I’d like to see this expand and possibly detect the type of content your name is associated to like a forum, comment, in an article, etc. and aggregate them into approximately. That way you could easily filter through the garbage.
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        • Anonymous

           It was still hard for me mostly because my twitter handle is the same as my disqus and tumblr accounts. I just want some sort of way to just insert a url or something.

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    You’ve slammed me with a lot of stuff to think about!