Microsoft Bing Team Details The New Search Experience In Windows 8.1

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As Windows team took the wraps of their upcoming Windows 8.1 update, Search was one of the big feature that will be part of the update. Microsoft Bing powers the experience behind it. Microsoft Bing team today blogged about the new experience they developed along with Windows team that will change the way we think about Search. The 10 blue links concept is gone!  You can just find  whether it’s a document on your PC, a photo album in the cloud, an app, PC setting or a website with one single search and  in just a tap or a click you can play, view, launch, or browse items. How cool is that?

We think your digital world should be accessible without having to actually ‘go to search’. Just like few people say they are going to ‘go online’, we want to make ‘searching’ something that’s just there when you need it.  So from the Start screen in Windows 8.1, you can just start typing what you want.  A city.  An artist.  The name of your cat – it doesn’t matter.  As you type, you will see suggestions about what you might be looking for and a quick tap on any of the suggestions will expose you to a whole new way to use Windows.  Regardless of where something lives and what it is – a document on your PC, your photo album in the cloud, an app, a website, a program – with just a tap, you can play, view, launch, browse, and more. Modern search isn’t just about finding information. It’s about using your PC to do the things you love.

We think that your search experience should be beautiful as well as functional and we don’t think the two are at odds. Modern search takes the best of Bing multimedia and brings it into the Windows search experience to create something that’s not only useful and well-organized but also highly crafted. You’ll see rich images across all your search results that help you find what you’re looking for faster and help bring order to the vast information on the web. Modern search needs to be functional, and we think it should also be spectacular.

Here is an scenario Bing team told to provide us a view of how things work,

Imagine you’re planning a trip to Paris.  Simply type the name of the city and you’ll immediately see beautiful, full-bleed images, upcoming events in the city, and popular attractions.  But you can also check the current weather and book a hotel in the Bing Travel app, without having to open it up and type “Paris” again.  In the same way, your itinerary and budget, whether they are saved on your laptop or in the cloud, are right there. And of course, we’ll show you the great web results you’ve come to expect from Bing.  “Paris” isn’t just a single file or a search query in an app: it is a concept, full of both meaning and context, and we’ll bring its unique meaning to your digital life, all in one place.

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Source: Bing

  • Bugbog

    Cool, Cool, Cool!

  • Juzew

    Yeah, cool. Unfortunately Bing is totally useless outside of US. I live in EU, Poland, where Bing Search is nightmare and gives useless results.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      Bing works perfectly fine everywhere… you can use Bing US for a lot of stuff anyway, its not like it stops working once it gets your country so you have to use other region.
      so stop making crap up… you probably have never really used Bing anyway.

    • DarthTigris

      If there is data to available to search engines in your country they will be found, so it seems your country is not so connected. I bet all search engines will have similar results/issues there.

  • Harley Meekins

    Awesome! How long before Android and iOS take on this feature? 😛 Not Long!

  • Willem Evenhuis

    A smart-browser/search engine. Sounds efficient. Like it. Hopefully it will also come with results for the best and cheapest offers, based on their example above.

  • DarthTigris

    I approve!!!

  • John

    If this were integrated with kinect and I could do all of this with voice… that would be great