Microsoft Bing Team Working On Augmented Reality Framework For Windows 8 Apps

According to job listings posted on Microsoft’s site, Bing team is working on  “next-generation of intelligent cloud services for developers on all screen sizes,”.  There is a separate Augmented Reality team within Bing team and they working on Augmented Reality framework and Augmented Reality applications for Windows 8 platform.

Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet describes the following on Bing AR team,

This AR-focused Bing team is working on everything from camera tracking, to visual and audio recognition, to optical character recognition and translation and vision-based natural-user interfaces….

But the Bing AR team — which is staffing up further — also is working on an AR software development kit (SDK) for third-party developers interested in buildng AR apps; Microsoft-developed and -branded AR apps and games using this SDK; and a Windows Azure-based cloud framework for supporting both the Microsoft- and third-party AR apps.

Source: ZDNET

  • Nate Lawrence


    All during 2011 Bing had employees making the rounds at AR and location conferences and the like talking up their Read/Write World project (taking Photosynth ideas back in the direction of a service which is part of Bing like it was initially going to be part of Live Search when the project started in Live Labs) which then promptly disappeared all during 2012. It’s probably literally been a year since any news in this direction.