Microsoft Bing Testing UX Tweaks For Web Search Results, Provides Earthquake Information And More

Microsoft Bing team is known for testing new features and tweaks to a small group of users to analyze the usage before rolling it out to millions of users. We have come across many such features in the past, recently we have spotted a few more.  It is possible Bing may be preparing the make some announcements at the Build conference next week.

A little over a week ago we reported the new Story Timeline feature.  We have continued to see this feature pop up randomly on recent events:

Bing Story Timeline


gm story timeline

noah story timeline


Bing is also testing a new way to show images on a given web search.  Here is how Bing currently look with a search for Reese Witherspoon.

resse witherspoon old bing


Here is the new look

Reese Witherspoon new


The new UX shows a carousel of images at the top rather than a rectangular block of 6-8 images.

Popular topics get their own image carousel and knowledge base:

Dancing With the Stars Bing dwts


A search for “Dancing with the Stars” gives an image carousel of the cast and contestants.  Clicking on an image from the carousel gives the latest news along with information about the person on the knowledge column on the right hand side.  Links to twitter, facebook, a Klout score, and a timeline are also included.

dwts cherly burke bing right knowledge column


The trending searches are now included in places other than the homepage.  I believe this is officially refered to as the news carousel, I affectionately call it the ‘low information news bar.’   Here is a picture as currently on the homepage:

bing bottom bar carousel


Click on one of the stories now pulls up a ‘Popular on Bing’ carousel at the top of the page:

kendall jenner bing

Bing also pulls up Earthquake information for a recent earthquakes from the USGS:

bing earthquakes

Have you noticed any other recent changes on Bing? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Just keep innovating, that’s all I hope Bing will do, though I prefer the Timeline as it’s now, but I’ll just have to adapt. :- At-least it’s not as ugly and minimalistic as Scroogle.

  • SpeedMcCool

    I noticed a new nutrition table, music now directs to Xbox Music and there is a darker box around image previews in Image Search

    • surilamin

      Could you give me an example of a search that pulls up the nutrition table?

  • FateStayNight

    Nice. When we were hit with a big earthquake last year people kept talking about how the rival search engine was displaying it in their search without prompting. We got news of the quake from there and facebook instead of our own PHIVOLCS. I always thought that Bing could do it too if they worked on it. Seems like Bing is also revving up. Looking forward to the more agile and responsive microsoft teams in bing, windows, IE, xbox, and windowsphone. Seems like the slumbering giant is waking up. :)

  • Chester Zik Daniel

    Now if they’d allow me to permanently exclude certain sites from my search results, I’d be extremely impressed and eternally grateful. I loath and Yahoo answers.