Microsoft Bing Updates Social Search With Improved Experience

Microsoft today announced an update for Bing social search service that will improve the overall experience for the users. Users will now find five times more of their friends’ content on Facebook is searchable in the sidebar – including status updates, shared links, comments and photos from your friends. With the addition of status updates, shared links and comments to the sidebar, it’s now easier to see who knows and what they’ve shared related to your search.

Here is the list of new things in this update,

Search More Facebook Content in Bing: Five times more of your friend’s Facebook is now searchable on Bing. If they have a status update, shared link, comment or photo that is relevant to your search we’ll surface it in sidebar.

Discover Great Moments: Discover something new with the Friends’ Photos experience. See your friend in Times Square or camping in the desert in immersive, full-screen detail.

Tap into the Best of the Social Web: Find experts and enthusiasts from Twitter, Quora, foursquare, and more. When you search for New York we’re going to surface people who may have valuable insights on restaurants or attractions.

Streamlined Design: We have removed the need to hover over a friend or expert to see additional content – now with one glance you can see content front and center clearly marked “social results”. We have also left-justified the results so there is less blank space on the page. If you want to see additional social results, we’ve added “+ see all” icon that lets you dive into more information.

Source: Bing 

  • Roel Janssens

    US only again? I don’t see any ‘social results’ in the Netherlands.

  • Robin Stacey

    Yeah. Bing. The search engine that doesn’t give a flying fig about 94.5% of the world population. If you’re outside the US, they don’t care about you at all.

  • Toto Isdarto

    Nothing like this in Indonesia. it takes too long here, we still only got the bing from two years ago. google has much better result