Microsoft Boosts Xbox One GPU Speed To 853MHz, Begins Internal Beta Testing

Xbox One

Xbox VP Marc Whitten today revealed some information about the progress in Xbox One development during Major Nelson’s this week podcast. He revealed that Microsoft has begun the internal beta for Xbox One console. And Xbox One’s GPU clock speed was increased from 800MHz to 853MHz. And Microsoft has released its “mono driver” to developers, these mono drive is a DirectX graphics driver “100% optimized for Xbox One” that will allow game developers to build games with great performance taking advantage of the underlying hardware.

Microsoft is planning to reveal more information about Xbox One at Gamescom in the coming weeks.

Source: Major Nelson

  • James Waymire

    The beauty of a flexible architecture that is not yet set in stone.

  • Mark Matheson

    As long as overclocking the GPU doesn’t lead to RLOD, that’s great news!