Microsoft Brings Bing Search Box On Chrome New Tab Pages

Bing Home Page

Microsoft today announced that Google Chrome users can now enjoy Bing Search box on Chrome new tab pages. When you are using Chrome with default search engine set to Bing, you will get quick access to the Bing search box (and associated Page Zero features) as well as the frequently used sites you’re used to in the new Tab page.

How to enable this feature?

To enable this, go to Chrome’s Settings, and set your search engine to Bing (under “Search”), or follow the steps on this page. People who already have Bing selected will see this automatically after upgrading their browser to the latest version of Chrome.

Source: Microsoft

  • Daniel ‘sRc’ Cheney

    seen that for a few days at least myself. wasnt sure if it was something Google did on Chrome’s end with an update or something Microsoft’s end

    • david

      They took page from Google book.
      When you visit Scroogle services with Internet Explorer, bunch of very annoying popups displays with notes that their spybrowser is much faster.

  • Kate Perry

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  • Tom Parker

    Now how about firefox? I’m not going back to Chrome thanks.