Microsoft Brings Cortana Enabled Personalized Cards On The Bing Homepage

 Bing Personalized Cards

At Build developer conference last week, Microsoft revealed the Cortana digital assistant powered by Bing. Cortana learns about your preferences and interests and the Bing platform behind it wht that makes this possible, earned through years of machine learning and big data experience doing web search.

Microsoft is bringing this personalized experience to the web starting today. Microsoft is unveiling a set of personalized cards on the Bing homepage that will help you keep track of things that matter to you. Set up your interests in Bing settings and you will start seeing personalized news, weather, flights, and stocks with more to come – all as part of the search experience.

Sign in to your Microsoft account and set-up your interests to let Bing know what it should track. Then, when it’s appropriate, Bing will let you know if for example your stock changes or flight is delayed. The best part? As long as you’re signed in, Bing will remember your interests and notify you, as appropriate, across a range of Bing-powered Microsoft services, such as Cortana and the Bing Sports app, for example.

Bing Personalized Cards 1

You can learn more and set your interests here on



    Sadly still not in UK :-(
    And still waiting for most basic Bing filtering features!

    • Bugbog

      You can easily use Bing US. Just change the region settings. It doesn’t affect the functionality of search, just the features.

      You can also do this for the Bing search on your Windows Phone; It will give you the features of the US version whilst ‘knowing’ you aren’t in the US or having to change any other regional settings.

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      Type in now you have the full-featured Bing, also click on the gear, and then ”worldwide” and change your settings to ”United States (English)”, I’m European myself, so it works out great to alter the rehiyong.

  • RoWaSi

    Why do you (Bing) Keep treting User outside of US like 9th Class Citizens. Can’t be that hard releasing Bing Features to other Countries as well. Especially tragic on Windows Phone since US Market is tiny compared to other Continents e.g. Europe.

  • David Mitchell

    I’ll still use as my homepage, I’m not convinced by these new Bing cards.