Microsoft Celebrates 10 Years Of OneNote, Thanks Us For One Notable Decade

Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft is celebrating the 1oth birthday of OneNote this month. OneNote has evolved from being a simple Windows note taking application to a cross platform tool which millions rely on everyday.

David Rasmussen is the Partner Group Program Manager of OneNote and coincidentally has been working on OneNote for almost exactly 10 years. :-)

This month OneNote celebrates 10 years of helping users capture notes at home, school, work and anywhere in between. In that time, OneNote has grown and added features for managing everything from recipe collections, to class notes, to projects and events–across phones and tablets, as well as the PC.

Source: OneNote

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  • Diego Kaku


    • reKitab

      UrUseless 4fun:)

    • Jason Kohlhoff

      Reasons why it’s useless???

      • Diego Kaku

        never need to use in 10y!
        every simple notepad does the same

    • Gromanon

      to you. A life’s #1 important digital tool… to me!

  • WaldoBC

    Best program ever made by any company. Took me a while to get use to. But, now I use it for everything. Except wiki says that November 19th was the launch. I should learn to search for my own sources.

  • Jason Kohlhoff

    The combination of OneNote and Skydrive really is excellent for taking notes and sharing those notes between devices.

  • nishan1501

    Give us one for mac as well, otherwise Evernote is still the best and functions well in cross platforms.