Microsoft Tweaks Mouse Pointer In Windows 8 To Metro Look

Windows 8 will have a whole new app platform called WinRT which is designed for touch interaction. The whole WinRT platform is based out of Metro Design and Microsoft is even trying to apply the same design concept for our classic desktop UI. Last month we saw that Microsoft is tweaking the Explorer window in Windows 8 to be more flat and modern. Now, Win8China has revealed that the Mouse Pointer and the busy cursor in Windows 8 has been tweaked to look flat and modern which is the core of Metro design.

What do you think of this ?

Source: Win8china



  • Jeff Kibuule


  • Anonymous

    Nice with the blue ring but seems similiar to Windows 7 without the 3D effect !!

  • Anonymous

    I like the animated hand cursor to be the default in Win8
    which can mimic touch, poke, pull, swipe, grab, zoomin, zoom out animations

    • Anonymous

      You’re missing “the shocker” there.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t see any real difference?!

  • Daniel Rivero Horie

    Is that all? :-/

  • Cheron Bruce

    the wait cursor should have the spinning dots that come up when you boot up rather than the old “wheel” thing.

  • Junk

    Still using aero tailless