Microsoft Confirms Audio CD And DLNA Support In Xbox One


In a recently posted long Q&A section on PS4, Sony has confirmed that its upcoming gaming console is now DLNA compatible and it won’t be able to play audio CDs as well. Even though you can ignore DLNA compatible thing, I don’t know why Sony has decided to stop supporting MP3/Audio CDs. Anyway, Microsoft has confirmed to Penny Arcade that Xbox One will be DLNA compatible and it will support Audio CDs as well.

The system is also DLNA compatible, and they’re in the process of being certified. As for mp3 playback… well, that’s kind of a mixed bag. The system is a Play To receiver, so you’ll be able to stream your content to the Xbox One using any Play To supported devices such as a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 enabled PC, Windows Phone, etc.

So it doesn’t seem like there is going to be a way to simply import your music files, but you will be able to stream the content you already own, hopefully use it in custom mixes for your game, and the device will be DLNA compatible. Audio CDs, for the people who care, will be supported.

Source: Penny Arcade

  • Wtechrover

    All I care for is Miracast. Like Windows 8.1.
    Using it allready with Surface 2 and Netgear PTV3000. As far as I know Xbox One Miracast support has been confirmed.

    • tropolite

      How’s the experience with Miracast Wtechrover? There have been reports it is laggy but I would rather hear from 1st hand users.

    • FateStayNight

      Please report your experience. Got the tablets but have not tried to use them on miracast. I didn’t like the netgear box, I’d rather have one of the miracast dongles that attaches to the hdmi port at the back. Looks better that way.

  • robertwade

    I think you have a typo. Did you mean to say the PS4 is NOT DLNA compatible instead of PS4 is NOW DLNA compatible?

  • Emily the Strange

    its funny how I saw some guy saying it wasnt important because he wouldnt play cds and not mp3 and stuff like that… like alot of people and press, yet if Microsoft said something like this they would be eaten alive by the Microsoft haters.

    • krayziehustler

      Same thing with the internet requirement. Most people complaining were the ones who have 24/7 internet or guys who make trips to a cabin once oever 4 years of so.

  • Blaze Blue

    ” has confirmed that its upcoming gaming console is now DLNA compatible and it won’t be able to play audio CDs as well” ok I’m confused is dlna going to be in it or not for ps4. It is said that its compatible but when you mix in the words “and it won’t play audio cd as well” that’s like saying yes and no at the same time. I would like to add I’m just a confused gamer, I am not here for playstation

    • Emily the Strange

      its not “now” its NOT, ps4 doesnt have DLNA and doesnt have mp3 or cd audio playback. but ps4 wont have it.

      • Blaze Blue

        Hey hey hey what is your problem women. I get it, but too many not’s in your comment. Don’t need to get defensive, I’m all over standing up for ALL Microsoft products not just Xbox. It’s the fact of what the guy spelled out in words was dam for sure confusing.

  • Cesar_Mattos

    How about Miracast?

    • FateStayNight

      Yes please. What about miracast? I would love me some miracast functionality on xbox one.