Microsoft Confirms Surface Tablet Availability From Oct-26th

At the time of Surface announcement months ago, Microsoft said that the Surface tablet will release along with Windows 8. Now that Windows 8 availability date has been confirmed as Oct-26th, everyone was waiting for Microsoft to confirm the Oct-26th date for Surface availability as well.

As CNET noted in the recent SEC filings from Microsoft, Surface will be launched on Oct-26th along with Windows 8 as announced before.

“The next version of our operating system, Windows 8, will be generally available on October 26, 2012. At that time, we will begin selling the Surface, a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices,”

“In fall 2012, we are launching Windows 8…Its success depends on a number of factors including the extent to which customers embrace its new user interface and functionality, successfully coordinating with our OEM partners in releasing a variety of hardware devices that take advantage of its features, and attracting developers at scale to ensure a competitive array of quality applications. We expect to incur substantial marketing costs in launching Window 8 and associated services and devices, which may reduce our operating margins.”

Are you ready to order your Surface device?

Source: CNET

  • the person

    Thank You Microsoft, Capt Obvious would have never figured this one out. Now give us a price.

  • Mark Matheson

    Will it be a worldwide launch like the 360 or will it be a later date in the UK?

    • José Villaró

      I don’t know how this will work. I think they said it would only be sold at there retail and online stores? Will it only be for the US?

  • arthur


  • Sobr0801

    How much!?

  • B_Sack

    Can’t wait.

  • Sake

    Ready to order. Only need pricing..

  • Ocelotty1

    RT only? So when is the Pro out & how much for one with all the bells & whistles? Oh yes availability? Globally 😀

  • AaronDotNET

    Big question is price.
    $299 would be amazing and a no-brainer over any tablet on the market.
    $399 would be a great price to compete against the iPad. I’d recommend it to anyone.
    $499 would still be a good price. I would probably get it. If anything, for Office.
    $599, too damn high for the RT version.

    • rsgx

      Yup, sounds about right.

      If MS want to stand ANY chance in the tablet market with the Surface, they better price it well. Google even managed to win me over as a customer with the Nexus 7 purely because of pricing.

    • Bugbog

      What I really fear is, given their desire to either compete fairly, or not screw/alienate/undercut their OEM competition, they may price the Surface RT at the upper scale for an ARM tablet, making it a difficult “instant” purchase!

      • AaronDotNET

        Yeah, I’m worried about that too. But I hope this 90 day concession with the Intel version is enough. After all, Samsung is the only other OEM I have heard that is releasing an RT version, so they aren’t really competing with most of their OEM’s until Jan 2013 when they release the Intel version. Besides, I would tell MS they should price this thing to compete and let the OEM’s scramble to figure out how to innovate and compete. After all, what choice do they have other than W8? Android? Not with Google undercutting them with the $200 Nexus.

    • harchestr

      I would pay $500 for the tablet… to me it is a no brainer…The best tablet out there is the iPad and it will cost that much without some of the features that the surface has to offer.

  • kbeal

    During the Surface announcement they stated pro would be out 90 days after the ARM only version.

  • rsgx

    I can’t wait to see the reviews for these, if they are anywhere near as good as MS makes them out to be, they should be rock-solid:

    Excellent touchscreen due to optical bonding
    Best build quality and material (strong and scratch-proof)
    Best keyboard

    If those all live up to the promises, then I’m sold.

  • Kitab

    If the RT costs < 599, I'll wait for the x86/64 and pray:) I just want an RT, M$. C'mon!