Microsoft confirms Surface tablets coming to retail stores, production increased

In what is either masterful spin or material information which suggests the Surface tablets are selling much better than expected, Microsoft has said it has increased their Surface tablet production and will be expanding the retail locations the tablet will be available.

“The public reaction to Surface has been exciting to see. We’ve increased production and are expanding the ways in which customers can interact with, experience and purchase Surface,” said Panos Panay, general manager, Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft said it would make some of their pop-up stores permanent, and would make the tablets available via retailers in Australia and USA. Additional availability will be added in a number of countries in the coming months.

“Our plan has been to expand the retail presence for Surface after the first of the year. Based on interest from retailers, we are giving them the option to carry Surface with Windows RT even earlier,” said Steve Schueler, corporate vice president, Microsoft Retail Sales and Marketing.

The tablets will be available from Best Buy, and also from Staples as early as tomorrow.

Do our readers think the move indicates good sales or desperation to move the product? Let us know below.


  • Bugbog

    Whilst others may construe this as desperation, it cannot be anything other that an inevitable eventuality!

    Barring a web web-presence reach (of say, Amazon), this is the only other manner in which Microsoft is going to achieve broad general release. And we are well aware that many retailers in different countries worldwide had already indicated interest in the Surface RT prior to its release.

    So this is just a logical move. Also, given the laxity of its OEM partners, the sooner it moves up its schedule the better!

    (And quite a finger to all those “sources” stating Microsoft had cut shipment orders! No way you can increase your vending sources whilst cutting production orders!)

  • ricecube88

    So digitimes was full of shit as usual when they said microsoft cut order volumes to half, they also claimed that PRO version would be released before end of the year …ok even that turns out to be not true. Might be language issue with those morons or they have their head way too far up their a$$.

  • Phillip Jones

    It doesn’t matter why Microsoft is going to retailers, the decision can only end positively because more consumers will be exposed to it whilst their shopping and will have access to test it and compare it.

  • Truthhz

    Time to save us from clunky Android tablets and iPod “tablets”.

  • vpuik

    My guess would be Microsoft wanted their OEM partners to benefit from the holiday sales. Since they are not selling any of their overpriced products anyways, Microsoft figured it’s not going to hurt them if they put the ‘halo’ product out to more vendor where people can see them and play with them.

  • CXM

    I kind of look at it this way… Microsoft knew that the initial release of the tablet was going to be kinda “Beta’ish”. Since then, significant updates have improved the performance tremendously of the device. Now, without creating a version 2 of the device, they get to release the tablet into the wild which has the likes of Ipad near it – albeit with excellent performance and functionality. Not a bad move and probably a very necessary one. The tablet works great and is ready for prime time without tripping over its own feet near the ipad product line.

  • Pierre Venescar


  • jimski27

    Can’t wait to see a display with a Surface next to an iPad, both for $499. Hmm, Windows, Office, USB, microSD slot. No special cables to buy. Cool keyboard accessories. Let me think.

  • Windows 8

    Thank God Microsoft has realized that it needed to do that, Now people all across US and Australia will get to order the Surface RT easily.
    The problem of having only a handful of stores was causing many rubbish sites and people to say bad things and this will put an end to that 😀
    I also want them to increase the number of countries very soon, the world should know what the tablets are and how they have all been duped by apple all these years..
    Cheers !!

    • Mark Oostveen

      I can only agree and hope for more countries… Why just Australia (lovely country by the way) and ofcourse the USA? Just speed it up. Get a deal with MediaMarkt and serve millions all over europe at once…
      I personally volunteer to stand one day in a shop to educate the ISheep and Android fans on what they are missing!

  • Gavin Tom

    Yup, Microsoft just stuck the middle finger to OEMs and just said you know what we can’t rely on your to promote our platform anymore. It’s high time we put all the billions in the bank to work. All I can say is thank the lord almighty, Stevie Ballmer does have some balls.

  • Mr.InTernaTionaL

    This is the best move by Microsoft so far. None of the OEMs besides Lenovo are doing anything to sell Windows 8 to the public. So since it will be I more retail a lot more consumers will be buying it like millions..

  • grs_dev

    Microsoft it’s not too late to do this. Please consider rebranding the whole RT and Pro Win 8 product line.

    1) The current Windows 8 Surface RT should be renamed as Classroom Surface.

    2) Release a full office 2013 capable product and called Office Surface. Don’t call it PRO. Call it Office. Create smartcovers that match the theme. Like maybe a smartcover that looks like a canary writing pad or the white and black composition notebook.

    3) Release a gaming themed Surface name it Xbox Surface. Xbox themed smart cover. Xbox themed accessories. Halo cobranding. Forza! GTA themed cover?! Minecraft!!!!???? WOWers?!

    DO NOT RELEASE A HOME EDITION or a Home Surface. The living room feature from Windows Phone 8 should be the common tie between Phone, Surface, Xbox, Desktop, etc. Following in the footsteps of the living room feature, why not create a similar feature for coworkers like a break room, or a water cooler. While you’re at it, how about a locker room for sports fans and athletes!?

    The average consumer could care less if it’s running an atom processor or an ARM one. They care about things they consider their own. People buy Apps. Get it? Apps not specs!? You promised a no compromise yet the first you do is ship Surface RT without outlook!? WTF?!

    Come on guys! Just the thought of that is getting me so excited I almost whipped out my credit card to order one only to remember that oh, it doesn’t exist!