Microsoft COO Kevin Turner Makes Short List For CEO

Five candidates have made the next round in search for Microsoft’s next CEO, we knew four of them:

  • Alan Mulally
  • Stephen Elop
  • Tony Bates
  • Satya Nadella

We now know the fifth.  Microsoft COO Kevin Turner.

Three of the five candidates are current Microsoft executives.  As Ballmer previously stated, Elop should also be considered an internal candidate.  Mulally currently serves as CEO of Ford.

Source: Dina Bass – Bloomberg

  • GCncerned

    anyone but this guy….please…seriously, anyone but…..

    • surilamin

      I actually like Turner, not sure he’s the right guy for CEO, but a good guy.

      Genuinely curious, why don’t you like him?

      • SategB

        Interesting..”may not be the right guy for the job”

        Why do you feel that?

        • surilamin

          I think Turner’s expertise lies more on the enterprise side of the equation and he is also more of a business manager than a tech visionary. He’s a great asset for Microsoft in his current position, but I’m not sure how well he would do as CEO. He has some similarities to Ballmer for sure, passionate guy.

          • SategB

            Thanks, interesting take.

  • lubba

    don’t worry. It’ll be Mulally and we can all kiss Xbox, WP, and w8.1, and all the hard work goodbye for the sake of investors.

    • SategB

      Insiders are telling us Elop too would push out xbox from MSFT if CEO

      • lubba

        Freaking me out!

      • nohone

        Once again you read only enough to get what you want to hear from it. What is being reported is that Elop would ***consider*** dropping Xbox. A good CEO should always be looking at the company’s portfolio and see if there is something to cut. However with X1 selling at cost, and $10 made from every game sold, I think X1 will be quite safe.

        • SategB

          Thanks, you are correct in pointing out that they final to the point the console is not bleeding cash ( or at least what is being claimed) will allow us to get some value out of the unit when it is sold.

          I’m not a big fan of Elop but he good to see he agrees with me that MSFT needs to have a more defined focus and selling off some lagging and distracting asserts will help.

          • nohone

            Right, he agrees with **you**.

            Still off your meds?

          • SaregB

            Sadly much more then Ballmer ever has…
            but do worry it is just a matter of time before you, reluctantly, fall in line and agree with me too ( unless your there already, my friend).

          • nohone

            Fall in line? You are just a sad, sad person.
            And do not call me your friend. I request a certain level of integrity from the people I associate with. And you do not meet the bar.

          • SategB

            No Little One, I assure you I am quite happy and content thanks for tour concern. Though never been a drinker so you can go to that bar on your own. Take care my brother

  • FateStayNight

    that stache!

  • CyberAngel

    I bet million dollars on Tony Bates
    Any takers of the bet?

    • Joe_HTH

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Elop.

      • CyberAngel

        You’re not taking the bet, are you?

        • B_Sack

          You’re not really putting up $1,000,000 are you?

          • CyberAngel

            Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win.
            This could make the CEO choosing interesting.
            Yes, I’m willing to make a bet. Naturally some arrangements are needed. Banking, legal, etc.
            It’s just that Tony Bates is my idea of a suitable leader with vision, will power and flexibility plus looks and youth. Let the major share holders decide. Speculating can be both education and entertainment.

  • WhoAmi

    Tony Bates and Satya Nadella are the only folks with in the list who possess a technical vision to set MS for an exponential growth in the future. Turner is just another salesman

  • vmxr

    Satya Nadella or Tony Bates

  • SategB

    This is big boy stuff so lets not get your panties in a bunch!

    Insightful and pertinent. Those who haven’t experience “C” level enviorment, it is a soap opera where relationships, image, and perceptions play as important role as intelligence, work ethic, and qulifications.

    Its highly paid kids behaving like high school all over again. So Elop’s ill timed devorce and son dating Bob’s girl ( specially after Ballmer firing him in such a egotistical and unprofessional way) will influence the board.

    • SategB

      Sorry folks. Wrong thread will move to Elop thread.

      • nohone

        Does it even make a difference where you put your comments? 75% of your comments do not relate to the article topic, the other 25% of your comments are unintelligible babbling.

        • SategB

          Yet you wuv me
          ::coquettish giggle::

          Be well my friend :)

  • frankwick

    Met Turner last year. He actually came to my company and I sat next to him and his personal assistant in our board room. Several of us talked. He gave us the vision of one UI across all platforms and said that NO ONE ELSE can make that claim like they do. I liked him, he was nice, but he seemed a little sales-guy-like to me. Wasn’t that the knock on Ballmer too?