Microsoft Corporate Strategy VP Andy Lees Steps Down From His Position

Andy Lees Microsoft

Andy Lees, who lead the Windows Phone team at Microsoft moved to a new position as vice president of corporate strategy and development seven months ago. Today, ATD reports that Andy will be stepping down from his current role and will go back to to his family in the United Kingdom.

The good thing is that he will announce his new position at Microsoft later in the summer. There were few reports in the past few weeks that Microsoft is planning for a major re-organization and Andy’s step down may be just a start of this huge process.

Source: ATD

  • JohnCz

    I agree, the reorg is coming soon. During the short time Andy was in this position I’ll assume he did much of the leg work in coming up with the final reorg plan.

  • koenshaku

    yayyyy hopefully someone with some consumer sense can take lead of the windows phone department!